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I raced as a kid, from 13 novice thru 17 expert. Saw the NBA turn into NBMXA. Raced tracks all around the Bay area of California. And a few times in New Mexico. My racing partner was Pat Mckenna, or in here, he is better known as SE666, or Pinapple, and we both worked for Pedal's n Wheels out of San Mateo, Ca. Where we raced, and worked on bmx bikes daily.
I now specialize in BMX, sales, service and restoration, from the mid 1970's thru early 1990's. I prefer 24" & 26" bikes, as the 20's have recently shrunk under my large frame. I manage an E-bay store as a hobby called Cycle24-7. I also still dabble in Muscle Cars and Motorcycles. Old Mopars, and early Jap bigbore bikes.
Still prefer bicycles over all.