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  1. Here is my 6 Champion framed bikes, i just picked up my 7th. Photos to come..
  2. Its from Dan, looks like 280... Well never know...
  3. # CF 011 Adam Cox (jmc/ace) # CF 038 Kevin Mariolle # CF 039 Roc # CF 043 Frazer Bradshaw # CF 057 Jon Clark # CF 059 Dunphy1 # CF 075 seda # CF 095 RandyS # CF 112 Roc # CF 125 Jz56oval # CF 148 JP Bail # CF 187 Spike # CF 189 John Wells # CF 200 Roc # CF 209 seda # CF 214 Larock # CF 240?/250? DAN # CF 258 Roc # CF 259 dewabo # CF 264 Cecil Yother, Jr. "cj" # CF-280 Aaron # CF-? (filed) Roc # CF-? (filed)Spike # CF-? (filed) Larock # CF-? (filed) Waza # CF-? Ray Mariolle # CF-? Hank and Frank Bicycles I just updated this registry, with me owning #280 Again! I just got it back, as I owned it from back a few years ago. Nice to have it back.!!
  4. Another thing nobody pointed out, the key hole, back of seatmast, under the seat clamp. Early Flovals tended to crack back here. Mine did 4 times. This one, is like new. Look in my photos. This thing is so clean. Not one hint of cracks, of course its never been raced, or even jumped.
  5. My Original Floval had a Landing gear fork, and a 24 inch Tuff wheel on the front. Other parts where similar. Back in the day, I rode the crap outa mine. This one here, was ridden down the street maybe twice. No cracks, drop outs look like virgins. This is almost NOS! Floval Frame, Landing gear race fork, Sr Cranks, Sr Seat Clamp, Sr Stem, SE Seat, bars and Seat post, Sugino Spider, GT Platform pedals, MX1000 with DX lever, AME modular grips, Araya 7x on Sunshine hubs. Comp3 tires
  6. When I was 16, I had the 1st Floval in the store, and loved that bike. Until I cracked it, sold it when I was 18. I knew one of my buddies had this one, tucked away, and turns out he built it new in 1980, then parked it. Where it sat, burried under a pile of tires, for 30 plus years. We dug it out last week, I never know it had Bottemas, and beautiful blue rims. All SE parts. My friend sold it to me, and after a quick clean up, here it is. All OG finish, decals, parts, rubber, everything original. Grips fell apart, but everything else is intact.
  7. Crap! I had bikes ready for BOTY, and the last month got so hectic, I just realized I missed BOTY! damm!! Looks like it was a great BOTY this time. Good job to the winners! Squareback cruiser, amazing!
  8. Yup, they are from Malaysia, but thanks to a guy we know, I ended up with a pare, he told me they where rare, I shoulda known, the lack of brand name had me suspicious from the getgo...
  9. Any chance an early Jimmy W FORK? THE WELD QUALITY, AND LACK OF BRAND STAMPING HAS ME PUZZLED.. Darn caps....
  10. Thats my dilema, no stamping anywhere. No name.... Thats why I dont think Tange is answer...
  11. Hi, my thoughts are It looks like a LRV, or Tange, possibly a Wienert, but there is no name stamped on steer tube, and the weld quality is too good, for most of the 70's made forks, which alot of those early forks had tooth paste looking welds. Not these which look more precision. And the fork is almost with zero rake. Anybody know what they are? And if so, Also looking for stickers (lol), once I get this figured out. Anyone?
  12. Champion framed Yamaha DT 250 flat tracker This race bike was intergral in the early phases of frame construction, which led way to our Chromo bmx bikes of the mid 70's.. And on... For the last year I was watching this bike, for sale, and got the owner to trade me one of my other bikes for it. This was one of the first bikes Doug Schwerma made, and its full of S.F. bay area history. From the A&A quick change hub to the Champion frame, it has Nocal written all over it. Its a thing of beauty. Champion frame, custom race "Works"suspension and shocks, This bike is a show bike and a "race bike" Quick change rear end every nut and bolt has been customized. It's a true beauty, . custom paint work which celebrates the true performance of Yamaha in flat track racing, It's still competitive in the vintage class at Lodi or CFT at the Chowchilla barn burner or fast Friday nights in Auburn, Ca...... I never thought Id own one of Dougs first bikes!!! He had picked the DT motor over a YZ motor then cause the DT had more bottom end and midrange, and this could be one of his very first bikes. If only they didnt paint over the Nickel frame!!! Its still amazing, and so light weight!
  13. One of my Champion builds had black spots in the metal from bad rust, I ended up re nickelling it. It came out stunning, way cooler then chrome! Nothing like fresh Nickel job. Im a few years your frame will patina. Try to keep all non gloved fingers off your fresh nickel.
  14. I just shat myself over Sodbusters Graco. The 79 and Earlier class is allready tuff.. Steves entry was tasty, but then I SAW THE GRACO..... WOW
  15. Cool, I got 5 or 6 myself..... coolio!!!
  16. Adicks, they made seat clamps, sprockets, and I believe brake levers. I never had a problem with them myself, and the sprockets where known to be extra smooth and quiet. Guess I never ran them enough to see um wear down. Also ACS rims, I had one explode recently. We had relaced it, and the wheel builder put too much tension on it, and middle of the night I wake up to what sounded like a shot gun blast to my face. The newly laced wheel cracked internally, exploded, taking the tube with it. It was dangerous, what if I had a babe or a puppy sleeping near that POS!>>
  17. Shocks are for sure Kawasaki, frame looks like a Graco to me, with mods...
  18. So, here are the OG rims I got when I bought a Kawasaki project. Both wheels the axles are missing. The spokes are super tight and feel strong. Even with the low count of 22 or 28, I forget. Spokes seemed like DT spokes with the black coating. Im on the fence with them since I dont have axles, was gonna ask BigFire, if he may know of any?
  19. Thanks. Im loving it.. "Mcdonalds?" . I was torn between running vintage skin walls for the look, and modern tires for their ride ability. And the later won, this time. This will be a rider, and I wanted the extra traction. Im trying to decide between springer type Brookes seat and a Leather type road seat, like a SelleItalia or a Advocet. At some point some bozo welded on a rear derailer hanger on the rear frame drop out, and that will go under the die grinder blade soon. In the end I see a bad ass Strand cruiser, Klunker, worthy of wheelies and fast fire road fun...
  20. By the way, the brakes are frigging awsome!! Their keepers.. And the fork looks like a Redline, but with a more relaxed rake.