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  1. Sorry for the thread hijack. Can you PM me please bud on an unrelated matter?- I think your inbox may be full.
  2. I think I remember bidding on this - amazing frameset
  3. 122 BCD is specific to Stronglight? I can't think how you could run an OPC.
  4. EXACTLY!!! It just makes no sense at all that GARY TURNER would exploit the true Old School by milking money NOW from what he did over 30 years ago.
  5. Exactly PR200! There's no other reason. I kept my mouth SHUT when I heard he was making frames again and I let it go but this is just too much! How can someone who has been out of the game for so long think they can come back and claim respect just because they used to build frames back in the day? This is just a money grabbing exercise and nothing more! I just don't understand why he doesn't respect the pure old school collectors like the great people here! PR200 - I see you are from Australia. I know they love repop there! Are all your OZ friends loving these new "retro" frames?
  6. I haven't posted here in a while but this makes me MAD!! Who does Gary Turner think he is? I give the guy respect where it's due! But this is just totally out of line...I just can't get my head around it. Why would he disrespect all of us OG collectors?????!!!
  7. $hit news this. R.I.P Scot Totally selfless and one of a kind.
  8. love it. 2 thumbs up from here!!
  9. wow! and it get's even better. Linking Darwinism with the pure perfection of collecting Old School BMX!!! GREAT STUFF!!
  10. That's a tough one! No need for the rough language though Hotrods. I thought we were all here for the same reason!!
  11. Now THAT is a cool lookin clamp....very sleek!!
  12. It looks like a Tuff Neck stem sliced in half
  13. Lame, lame, lame...LAME!!!!! Who is this guy? Just because he rocked it BITD gives him no right to start re-pooping his frames now!!! This is just sad...
  14. WOW!!! an amazing post Steve. What a mixture of bikes! plus really great music and an amazing backstory! Really inspirational stuff. The BMX community is truly blessed to have someone like you flying the flag for us TRUE gatekeepers of BMX soul!!!
  15. It's OK Spur. We are basically on the same page here! I just found your choice of words to be quite unpleasant is all. I never said a contradicting viewpoint was rude. In fact I welcome robust discussion! You suspect I don't know "WTF" I am talking about - I suspect I know "WTF" I am talking about. There are no winners here. Your choice of adversarial language is no one's choice but your own. I was merely just having a chuckle and I apologise if my humor didn't come across all that well over the keyboard. Let's not suck the fun out of the hobby. Your expedience in shipping a 1500 dollar item was never in question. I wish the seller all the best with his sale. One would ask why long standing members here are lamenting the lack of content and new memberships when this is the response a "newbie" gets when looking for info.