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  1. Yup, best stuff around for sure!! A bit pricey but well worth it.
  2. Thanks. I never saw that Cycle Pro decal on bars. 7B's laced to high flange Sunshines hiding behind the discs.
  3. Grabbed this off a guy that I have bought from in the past. 79 Team Rampar BMXProducts made.
  4. Awesome stuff Steve!! Sorry to hear about your uncle, my condolences. As far as the SE jersey goes, I've done a bit of drunk bidding on Ebay only to have shit show up at my house with no recollection whatsoever.
  5. I picked up this 79 last weekend. Original chrome and decals with the "Original Bike Shop" sticker on it too. Original pads too.
  6. Pulled this NOS Schwinn Hurricane out of a bike shop basement this morning.
  7. Thanks folks. I tore it down to go over it and give it a good cleaning. I'll put up some pics when she goes back together.