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  1. Great page. I'm looking for more late 70s parts for a build.
  2. I'll start a new one tomorrow. Thanks guys!
  3. 1985 Race Tech. NOS frame. Rare Race Tech headset adjustable for fork rake. Love how this came out.
  4. Here are my 5 NOS Race Tech Frames, decals and headsets
  5. Have 3 more NOS frames, 5 total plus headsets and decals. Thanks to a great dude and connection.
  6. Just got 3 more NOS Race Tech frames. Now have 5 NOS. Amazing. Thanks to a good friend for hooking me up. Headsets and head tube bolts for all.
  7. Sorry guys, been away from this site for a while.
  8. Here's my NOS '84 Race Tech frame. Rare bird here. Have the headset that goes with it too. Enjoy, Tim