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  1. fake Race Inc cruiser bars???? Who would do such a thing???
  2. Nice find there, Sweetcheeks!!!
  3. They do make the wheelchair hubs- I got a few sets out of a shop I cleaned out a few years ago. I sent them to PW and they reset them as bmx hubs. I think it was like $30 per hub to do. The shop I clean out had something like 20 old sets of Phils sitting there of every configuration. 36 hole on down, for different uses. I bought them all. He also had the Phil spoke cutter, Phil spokes etc. In his heyday he said he was building pro wheels for bmx and 10speed racers all the time. The cutter was really cool, and he showed me how it worked an all that. He wanted to sell that too, but his old bmx stock wiped me out!
  4. Thats one of the few cruisers I have never owned, but would love to. Great score there Mikey!!!! Can't wait to see it built.
  5. I have/had them on my Robinson cruiser. I still have the front one on there, but the rear rim got trashed BOTD. They were great hubs, super smooth, and nowadays, pretty tough to find.
  6. Here is more various JMC stuff I have owned..... NOS Stuff... http://tpbmx.fileave.com/AllNOS_3062.jpg My white and black 24's http://tpbmx.fileave.com/Both24s_1652.jpg http://tpbmx.fileave.com/JMCpads_1651.jpg NOS 1984 DY F&F http://tpbmx.fileave.com/DYFF_0357.jpg NOS 1984 DY F&F Serial number http://tpbmx.fileave.com/DYSN_0362.jpg JMC Pit #1646 http://tpbmx.fileave.com/JMCPit2_0915.jpg Black/ Chrome JMC 24 http://tpbmx.fileave.com/JMCSM_3355.jpg White/Chrome JMC 24 http://tpbmx.fileave.com/WhtJMC241_1645.jpg