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  1. Well, I had an uncommon bike called a MEGA cal cruiser. I sold it and kind of regret selling it. Only reason I sold it is because it was repainted and was high ten steel. Here's some pics. Looks like a combination between a Laguna and a S&S Newport. Also had 7/8" fork tubes.
  2. Holy hell. This is grail material. Awesome find.
  3. Nice. I need a room that size. Thanks for sharing.
  4. So badass. Thanks for sharing macros. It was awesome seeing this bike in person and talking about it with you. Cheers, Sean Congrats on the win.
  5. I talked to tommy and the other guy who welded for him personally this weekend and physical saw my frame in person. You can ask king stinger. He said for a fact that non gusseted frames are definitely,not BRACKENS. He said they are khs. Then you tell me in other words I'm full of shit. But really it all came from the people who made these. Think you guys know everything.....
  6. I documented the show with tons of pics via iPhone and had a one day geek out dream. Back to reality.......
  7. Thanks a bunch Steve. Glad I could help contribute. Bmx and pictures go great together. Can't wait until next year. Cheers, Sean.
  8. That's when I showd up. Laroc, BUFFARDI, Barry, nonamecruiser and a few others were already there. BUFFARDI said he arrived at 4:00 am.
  9. What a great event Steve brothers and the whole crew threw. Thanks a bunch. I arrived at the gate to Whittier park at 4:50 To see more die hard bmx devoted than me people already lined up at the gate. About 8 of them or so.... BUFFARDI, laroc, nonamecruiser, Barry (two year winner who must have known he's was going to win, first at the gates ready to get his trophy asap. :lol::P , jk). As well as a few more I didn't recognize. Then I believe it was Patrick, truly odd and wagon guy pulled up. I couldn't get any sleep thinking how fun it would be again. And it was. just as fun or more fun than last year. My day was truly made when Gary turner walked by and I talked to him for about 10-15 minutes about Gary turner and GT bicycles. As well as had the opportunity to get a pic with him and to have him sign my 81' Gt cruiser. He asked me if it was for sale. I said unfortunately not, it's one of my favorites, if not my favorite bike out of all my bikes. He laughed when I told him that. Also, It was awesome meeting Sal, he welded for SE at the time my mint 85' pk ripper was made. We talked a lot about the history of SE racing. He wanted to buy my pk and needed the mint forks off it. Of course the king and Martin were there. It's always awesome talking to them. And a privilege to meet bob Haro and see him get the lifetime achievement award. This is to Spur. I also talked to a man who worked for tommy BRACKENS and to tommy and proved that my BRACKENS cruiser with elevated chain stays is in fact the 11th BRACKENS cruiser ever made. The elevated chain stays are not later BRACKENS he said. He knew right off the bat by my serial and looking at the bike. In fact the ones spur said are early without the elevated chain stays they said aren't even BRACKENS....... He said khs or something. It was great meeting new members and seeing ones I haven't seen since last year. Some people I don't list,forgive me, I forgot your names or screen names for the museum or society. It was rad meeting kegger and kids who live here in LAl now, great to see and talk with ol phart again, he's a rad dude, also MarkMc, Roc, Wagonguy and all the others who traveled from far to make it to the show, rad talking and and hanging out. What a fun filled bmx day and I can't wait until next year. I also bought a set of rare blue colored campy cranks. Never seen this color before these cranks. ENJOY!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks Steve and everyone involved helping to put this show on. I had a blast. Can't wait until next year. Cheers, Sean I took about 200 pictures. Keep in mind they are all taken from an iPhone 4S so the quality is shit compared to Joseph's high def blinging pics. They are uploading as we speak. Here are a Few to start off Below. Ill start you all off with the perspective from a tallbike having fun in the flatland area.