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  1. Steve, don't forget my round top. That makes 3.
  2. Actually 25 for 2 bikes. One was a walmart bike. This bike sat in the rain for at least a week!
  3. Here we have a rare facebook find. This bike is in amazing shape, call it what you will a race inc or and SE. I will not be putting that seat clamp back on, the electrical tape stays til I find a nice clamp which won't harm that seatpost.
  4. Fred has it. He is going to repop it in 2015. Limited run 750 units..... Sorry guys no pix. I heard rumors there is a second one as well found. PS I have called dibs on #1
  5. Trickmasters have 2 versions of spinner landing gear. The stamped 86 being the much rarer one. Forks 10ish known both types. 7 unstamped and 3 stamped. The forks off this quadangle are now on ebay.
  6. They r not trickmaster which are spinner made forks. They r simply landing gear copies.
  7. So is it agreed quad production starts in 1980 now? I will try and get more pix of str1 from the fb guy.
  8. Does someone have a installation diagram? Much appreciated. I am assuming mine are 2nd generation. Thanks. Rob
  9. A little bird told me this may have been found. Thats all I know for now.