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  1. OK, here goes. Early 80's late 70's Bandito Factory ( or not ) , F/F and Factory decals. Frame has to be a Standard.( Already have a Pro. ). Been lookin for a standard, for over 20 years. Was never in the right place at the right time. Thanks POPS!!! HELP !!!!!!
  2. Hector; You are the man... Doing what you do and with two young ones too.. Great job on both sides.. Now,, that VW of yours that is Totally Bitching !!! What a way to haul your Bikes... Wish we were closer, I think we could be good Buds!!!! Keep on keeping on, and never lose the LOVE!!!
  3. Thanks But I think I'll try something a little SAFER!!
  4. OK guys, here is an old one I am sure.. I am putting together a Titan Micro Mini for my 2 year old grand child. So far Either 18 x 1" wheels with red line hubs, or 20 x 1" with sun TNT low flange hubs with Alum. axels . Both are laced , front 18 back 24. Ti. spokes.. Uni seat with Alm. post. dk mini stem, Graphite bars with foam grips. And Turn3 racing 100mm cranks.Any ideas on making it lighter? Looking at Graphite wheels, any thoughts?? And no I am not looking to adopt anyone!!! Thanks Guys in advance. POPS!!!
  5. OK, here goes. I am putting together a Titan Micro Mini, and am looking for the lightest parts to do so. I already have a Ti bottom bracket, a set of carbon fiber bars. A dk mini stem (to heavy) .. An alum headset. 20x1" wheels with TNT hubs, laced 18 front and 24 rear. Uni seat with alum seat post. (cut down) Any help will be greatly appreciated, Remember POPS is always on a tight budget. Thanks to all, and keep on building those collections. POPS!!!!
  6. I am jealous!! Those things are a piece of "ART" !!! POPS!!!
  7. Hi, Pops here; If you do consider selling I might be interested. I am an old (retired) BMX father, with a small collection of BMX bikes from way back. I don't like the blinged out racers, although, they have their place. Your sting, with a "little" more cleaning seems like a perfect fit. And "NO" I never sell any of my bikes. (MY NEW BABIES)!! Thanks for saving this piece of BMX history!! POPS!!!
  8. Jon, if you want to part with any (f/f) part or all of this , please contact me. I have been looking for a replacement for one that had been stole. Mine was (an 81) black nos. With "ALL" gold trim. All nos. parts. It took years to acquire and assemble everything. So, if you are willing to part with any or all, of this project, please contact me. Thank you... POPS!!! My e-mail has changed... ltspring47@gmail.com
  9. POPS Here!! I am not going to count, "to old", A hoarder? I don't think so. I know that with the 4 new ones, I have around 25-30. Twenty to twenty five, ready to ride. And stopping? Naw! Not yet! To much fun! besides, They haven't stopped my S/S check yet!!!
  10. Anyone here know the BMX Professor? He has what a lot of guys say is the baddest 24 out there. It is a "ONE OFF" Melms',out of Toledo. It is White Pearl, part JMC part S&M and all Bad. Integregated bearings "all". Personal geometry, with a rear disc brake. Yea, for those of you that know me he is my son. And I wouldn't want to pay for it again. LOL!!!! POPS!!!!
  11. BRAKES??? Who needs stinking brakes???? (Actually, we all do!!!) Enjoy, POPS!!!!
  12. First off, Nice job! As a Father of a young 9,year old, (ok so that was 33 years ago) And a collector of Old School BMX, I am familuer with them. I admire you for your dedication in your search. Nice job. And if you run into a set of red ones, look me up. Cash in hand. Thanks POPS!!!
  13. Jon; You know that all of that is JUNK" right? Sooooo. If you would like, I would try and help a fellow collector out and take the JUNK off your hands. I mean, what are friends for, right... Seriously, I hate you guys.. Nothing like that happens here in the Ice Belt. Nice Snatch!!!! Anything, TURBO LITE, that you don't need or want, let me know, trying to finish a F/F. GOOD JOB!!!! POPS!
  14. How much??? We know you want to sell them!! POPS!
  15. Maybe, Mr. Jim will check back in and catch us all up on what is happening... POPS!