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  1. For me, it's this GT. I've had it for 32 years and it's still my favorite bike.
  2. I'd say your timing is good. There's a bicycle swap meet in Whittier on Saturday, 5/14/16. Location is 9951 Mills Ave, 90604. I recommend arriving right at 7am. Good luck. http://whittierbikeswap.blogspot.com/2011/11/calendar.html
  3. Not BMX but thought this cool cat did capture the vibe of the '70's.
  4. BMX Public Service Alert. I just saw that the "CHP BMX" episode of CHiPs is on next Friday, 5/8, on ME TV. Ch.136 on Uverse. Thought I had a duty to pass it on...
  5. I have an old Worksman cruiser but I can’t find a seat post that fits. 22.2 is just a little too big. Anyone know the size?
  6. Hey, I bought that 24" GT in the 2nd picture. It was in pretty bad shape...
  7. They're still a work in progress but I thought I'd share after the inaugural ride on the 24" and the 16".
  8. So, I shaved the axle with a hand file and they fit nicely now. It was a lot of work though. Thanks to all...
  9. Thanks Mark...I thought about that but just figured I could find one on the internet.
  10. Recently, I picked up an 81 GT and decided to put Skyways on it until I can afford some older Arayas. Problem is that the front axle doesn’t fit through the fork opening. The axles aren't "shaved" like the older rims. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement front axle? The bearings are sealed. Thanks,
  11. Look what I scored yesterday (Thanks R!). This will be sweet when it's done. I'd like to get red components. Anyone have any old Maxy Cross or a Pro Neck for sale?
  12. Paul Dito - 44 y.o. I grew up in Northridge, CA and raced at Devonshire Downs I’m in Orange, CA now.