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  1. I recently had a friend of mine pick up a f/f it's an american iron machine so what's the story about American iron? I have pics posted on the museum forum since my iPhone won't let me post pics here forks are similar to an rrs or trackmaster I've heard wicked setup super light with euro bb plan on building it up for my daughter mini/expert style for those interested in pics just search museum forum thanks
  2. One of my all time favorite bikes I have been trying to find one to build with all red parts but so far the two survivors I found the seller changed they're minds when it came down to me picking them up so I'm still on the hunt
  3. I need to put pics on here of my panda frame built for Jerry freshour I had (freshour) aka mike post pics on here somewhere but it's probably on a post about freshours I even have a pic on my phone of serial number if needed but I'd have to email or text pics from my iphone
  4. I posted about the eBay find hutch pro star frame and fork was curious if anybody here snagged it
  5. That's sweet I have been wanting a turbo lite for a long time to build for my daughter but guess I'm on the hunt for a mid to late 80's Robinson or maybe a mcs mini to build
  6. Look at the dropouts vs the ones on the pic of the complete the angle looks different between the two pics so I'd say not a Robinson and I also think the Robinson would have numbers just my 2 cents
  7. Me too I seen a kid in town on one looked like an 84 silver streak I should have hit him up to buy it or trade him something I got for it but I didn't have any cash on me so hope I'll see him again
  8. It's amazing how back then that stuff was cool to watch and now it just seems cheesy as hell I haven't seen the whole movie rad or bmx bandits I watched what I could tolerate but it was cool to see the old school bikes
  9. I'd like to see it with a light blue seat and gold and or blue pedals it would prolly look sweet with just the gold pedals only one way to find out I'd be happy to own it either way
  10. Holy crap you hit the jackpot if your friend got more than you did I wanna see what he scored!!!
  11. I was 13 in 1985. The Freestyle stuff was what I remember the most in my teens. I never collected them in the past because as a little kid I learned to ride on a hand-me-down Banana seat bike, and the town I lived in until the 80's was about 10 years behind the rest of the world, lol I love my Muscle Bikes but These early MX bikes are pretty cool. The Freestyle stuff has gotten out of control already too! lmao Yeah I loved the generals back in the day I've still got my yellow hustler that I got in the early 90's still got the original grips on it I read somewhere the yellow ones are getting rare if so I'll have one worth something lol
  12. I seen that on craigslist and thought it was a great deal glad it's in good hands
  13. I like your general and your gt performer collection I'm in the southeast part of Missouri myself I see a lot of good stuff up around ST Louis way
  14. Don't know about hubs but araya rims look like profile bars and it's got a tuff neck