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  1. That's great info ! Thanks guys...helps clear things up. I'd like more info on the Gardner Co in Australia....My last name is Gardner....
  2. Yeah it's really foggy on numbers too. And the veterans have had disagreements too. Some say that imports have the letters before the serial number, others say some US versions did as well. Then some guys are firm that letters are imports, stamps are imports, and anything after 1980 is almost certain to be Japan. My personal relines I have are pre 80 and only serial numbers with no stamps, so They SHOULD be US made...I hope. The Japan made stuff ir nice too... But I prefer US Genuine Redlines... even though the Japan ones are genuine, but just not made by US craftsman. Similar with guitars I used to collect.. BC Rich... all US handmade 70's and 80's.... But the craftman were mostly Mexicans...they did beautiful work. In the end it's what makes you happy though.
  3. I always thought anything stamped redline was Japan made or later tiawan made, Also anything after 1980 was no longer US made....??
  4. Looks close to every track I ran in 70's and early 80's. Newer tracks seem to mimic the real motorcycle motocross tracks and are more of a supercross track with more jumps.Back then outdoor motorcycle tracks were nothing like they are today either. When we race vintage motorcycles, some tracks cater to them and remove the big jumps that didn't exist back then. Most old school bmx tracks have a set of whoops, couple small 3 ft jumps, a tabletop, and not much else. doubles were not as common. The old tracks were fast though.
  5. I have come across same with vintage karts. I'd be at a track practicing and someone would show up with a vintage kart they found at a yard sale or such. They'd mess with it and I'd ask about it...try to buy it...they would say they'd think about it or want to try to fix it up.. Then a couple weeks later it shows up, painted funky and bumpers and nerfs welded on and front of frame cut and extended, modern big wide tires and such. They could have sold and bought a modern used kart. Happened more than once. I would've offerd to trade a modern bike for the FMF... Worth a try.
  6. Now that's what it's all about.... Tough 70's racing machine !!!
  7. I remeber all my frinads at school had those glasses, Then the Porsche labeled ones came out and some guys bought those... Was like 5'th grade or so.... I still have a case to the Ferrari ones I had....I have used it in my gig bag for guitar picks for over 20 years.
  8. Very nice.. You keep finding the cool ones.
  9. OK Just what I was saying...got one hit on a xr redline frame.
  10. You would be surprised how many cars, motorcycles and such I have done searches for on google...Just a title and for sale...turns up old ads...I ask and about a third of the time..the item didn't sell and I get it. Same on ebay. Not everyone relists. Also he may have sold it, but knows who bought it. That person may not have built it, or did and wants to sell. Esp with the economy. Almost everything is for sale . I recently bought a redline frame that there were only 12 made of. I just went down a list of the 6 on a site, emailed each to see if one was for sale. A guy emailed and said he sold one last year, but the guy that bought it had asked him if he wanted to buy back as he never completed it. I bought it from him. Worth a shot ......
  11. Is the Redline xr75 frameset for sale or trade ???