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  1. Rare non-gusset 1983 Cook Bros Racing After a lot of digging, I was able to determine that my bike is a rare non-gusset 83 Cook Bros. This bike has a high 2800 serial #: 28x x (the last number is stamped approx. one blank space removed from the first three) and the top tube measures 18.5" (measuring from center of head tube to center of seat post). The guy I bought it from called the OG owner's dad, who had sold him what he was told were an 1981 and a 1983 and confirmed that "he bought all Cooks parts directly from them." A Cook Bros. aficionado I contacted stated the following: "Scott, I've seen the serial number with the space a few times....I've only come across 2 others very similar to yours, one nos, non plated, bigger tubing, 19.5 top tube, no serial #......the other chrome, reg tubing?, 19.5 top tube and a serial # in the 2800's also....those style frames I believe are the last Gary Cook (owner) style frames made before selling company...which, if Im correct, would be late 83.........hope this helps...."
  2. Someone commented on my no gusset 1982 Cook Bros on another site, at which time I started to do some digging and found this thread... sorry I'm so late to the party. Last night I reached out to the guy I purchased the bike from a couple years ago, but he did not have much information aside from directing me back to this thread and urging me to upload some pictures. I cannot remember if I determined it was a 1982 from the serial # or if he told me it was an 82 when he sold it to me. The bike is hanging on my wall currently next to a Patterson PR200 (I have high ceilings, no garage, eight bikes, and a very understanding girlfriend) and the top tubes appear to be about the same length; it is definitely not a mini. The only Cook Bros parts are the frame, fork, and cranks (not original to this bike), and it has a euro bottom bracket. The forks are drilled, the decals were all on it when I got it, the chain tensioning screws are bent to shit but were on the bike when I got it, and there is no cross bar behind the bottom bracket. Any info from the gurus is appreciated. Here's a parts list for anyone that is interested: Cook Bros frame and fork Cook Bros cranks (scalloped on backsides) Suntour XCII pedals with powdered cages Al's Rapid Transit unknurled bars A'ME tri repops DC MX1000 New Terry Cable Kashimax Aero repop CW layback post Ukai wheels Pete's chainring Helix seat post clamp Cebe double clamp stem Cal Lite pads
  3. I'm too new to even know how to pm you, but I need some repp hutch pads. Can you pm me the address? Thanks