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  1. My bike that I’m still racing today...don’t really care about all the newer modern bikes....they have no style, no flair...will be in Vegas July 13-25 for the National...
  2. Started racing again last April.....doing pretty well since my return.....runner up to state, won Arizona Cup....made mains both days at Vegas last July and will goimg to Vegas this January under my new sponsor Aero.....can’t wait for Vegas and the Winters...
  3. Schwinn has a website to date.your Sting and it’s easy, mine was built April. 1980.....@and it Still wins races on the lame ass we have contend with....just a searchbanf you’ll find, Schwinn. Doesn’t hide their nunbrts.....out there are 2=custom geometry Sting frames Atherton simply gave away and has no clue who has them....and the 2 pearl white stings of Poulson are out there’re also Richie Anderson special graphite Tuffs are out there tooo......FIND THEM NOW,!
  4. I think I told this story before, the 15ex main...Eric Garcez ran into the back of Richie Anderson's back wheel going into the sweeper just after the step jump....Garcez and I were traveling togther for years, we watched each other races...I remember that race very well...I have a pic of the main of Richie leading Garcez out of the second turn just before the step proving Garcez didn't go down at the first turn of the main....I believe that Garonzick is in 3rd behind Garcez....sorry for the crappy pic, had a crappy camera...
  5. I was at this race...racing in the 17ex class....the only pic I have from this race is the one I use for my profile pic for this page...I had Pete Loncaravich and Gary Elis in my moto, I did win the 3rd moto, 3rd in the quarter, but was 5th in the semis...missed the main by one dam spot. I am from Arizona...great track...one of the best, after Chandler of course...
  6. The "step" as we Chandler locals called it, it was redone for 1983, the "bump" was taken down a little, but us locals could just jump the whole thing, most times landing on the backside, sometimes going to fast and landed on the flat after the jump, but if you didn't jump that step, you had no chance to win or even place...
  7. Riders ready?...watch the lights...

  8. Shannon, will you tell this girl that doing this scanning to scan the pics from the Nationals I listed in my origianl post?....the pictures you see here of me are the only ones I have from back in the day...but I will go to the website you posted to look and see if I can find any of me....if I do find some, can I get them some how?....buy them?....
  9. Thats all the pics I have sadly....thats why I am askin anyone who may know who would have any pics from the nationals I went to.....but we'll see I guess...the archives at the old ABA office just sit there in huge filing cabinets just collecting dust. I talked with a girl there and there are thousands of pics....I'll bet they could make a few bucks selling the old school pics....
  10. Nice...now i just wish could watch it...got crappy incoming signal....thanks tho, I'll try to let it load awhile see how that works...
  11. Hey fellow BMX dudes....wuddup?...

  12. I just hope that some members could help me out finding some pics from the races I went to....and for someone that may know someone who has a Sting for sale.... Pic is me at Chandler during 1982 Winternationals racing for the best bike shop in the country in my opinion - Bicycle Harbor....I jumped and cleared the tabletop in this moto to win my only moto of the weekend....if you didnt jump and clear the higher backside of the jump....you stood no chance of winning...big nads for back in the day...lol!!... Later peeps!...
  13. Hey all.... Just a few days ago I was on the Facbook page "You grew up racing BMX if?"...and the last few days I have thought more about BMX than in 25 years....I've been scouring the interent for Chandler pics to put all in one place, which has brought me here to this page. I am on the lookout for pics from Nationals that I went to...so I am on the lookout for pictures from: Chandler Winters 80, 81, 82, 83... Summer Nationals (Lancaster 82?)...Lubbock 83? - with the triple pointer as pre-race Jag Worlds at Las Vegas...82?... Jag Triple Pointer, Costa Mesa...81-82? Super Nationals,Lake Elsinore....83?... Azusa 81?, 82?... Anaheim Convention Center (Concrete track with wood jumps)...81?... Gold Cup in Las Vegas (on that baseball field) My name is Kurt Laduron and live in Peoria, Arizona....just got married for the 2nd time to an amazing Filipina girl in the Philippines last Febuary. I am now working on the paperwork necessry to bring her here to the US. I raced from 1977 to 85 at Chandler, Peoria Dunes, Roadrunner (Black Mountain),Casa Grande, Chino Valley, Prescott Valley, Reid Park and Manzanita in Tucson...I was an above average racer, not factory worthy though..I raced for just bike Shops, Swiss American, Northwest Bicycle and Bicycle Harbor. I had a DG when I started, I then got the JMC when it came out, raced with that for about 6 months and the I saw it.....I saw my first Sting. A local at Chandler named Frank Wilson had one and I knew I had to have one too. So I asked a friend whose mom and dad ran a Schwinn shop in Casa Grande to get me a Sting, they got one for me and they brought it to Chandler one friday and I immediately changed most of the stuff off my JMC and raced it that night, dont remember how I did..anyways, that night I brought my wooden starting gate I built, I held two riders and had a latch from off a wood gate as, man it was killer!...so the people who got me the Sting asked if they could have the gate for the price of the Sting...I said, "Hell yea!!"....so I got my new Sting for almost nothing, I got all the wood from construction sites...LOL!!. My biggest win was a couple of things, I won 2 Bandito Silver Cup races in 82 I think it was, one of those was at Peoria Dunes. Tinker Jaurez was there as a Bandito rider, there wasnt a pro class so he raced 17ex, the main I had an awesome start and got to the first turn first and I knew Tinker was right on my ass, so I just pedalled my ass off to take the win...Did well in Lancatser just missing my age group main by one rider....I made both mains at the Triple point Pre-race of the Lubbock Summernationals......I had such a killer time racing, during the time I raced I think I was at least the top 2 or 3 17ex's in Arizona during my time. I had 29 straight local wins at Peoria Dunes for awhile, there was an infomal thing that me, Jeff Moten, Eric Garcez we all had a bet to see who would bow out first....Jeff Moten won that bet. I had great races against Roger Poore, Richie Bradshaw, Hubert Woods, Woody Woodruff, Tyler Greiner, Bobby Kati, Bobby Sensabaugh, Troy Robinson, David Balthes and a few others I cant think of right now. The Arizona BMX scene was a really good one....I LOVED IT!!!...I missed making 10,000 points in 82 by falling just 85 poits short...one race worth of points!!...DAM!!!...and I still was #12 for 83!...I was #12 with 9915 points?...jeez people piled up points in Arizona, I;m not sure but I think Bart Bartly is record holder for district points, I think had like 13,000 or some crazy number like that... Well thats about it....I'm thinking that I wanna get my Quadangle fixed up so I can go out and ride around like I did.....I'm so outta shape, maybe just riding around the hood awhile and then hit a track for some practice....see what I still got... If anyone knows of anyone that is selling a Sting, let me know...I want one again Later dudes.....