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  1. I never knew the exact amount. My best guess would have been a couple hundred at the most.
  2. I am pretty sure that Scott Clark in the Bear pic is riding a JMC but don't think the fork is. The spindle looks in line with the fork legs. Cool Pic! I remember this pic from when I was a kid. Thanks Steve.
  3. Larry Barker drove this car for a few years in the 60's. Won a big one at Riverside in 67!
  4. Didn't know the adult Lonnie, but I remember hanging around him at Azusa NBL and he was a cool fun lovin' guy! His mom Jeannie was involved in some aspect at one of the Azusa tracks in '80 or so. Sad news . RIP Lonnnie Tatton.
  5. The next logical step in your program would be every color rim with every other color hub. Then we could move to say Shimano high flange, every color with every other color 7B,7C, 7X. Campy, etc...
  6. Sick bikes! Were were Panda frames made?
  7. Yep that is so cool. Harry has been training big time since last year and turned in his Supercross for a new GHP . All three dudes have been cookin'.