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  1. Had a nice time hanging out at the Source! Thanks Blackey & G for having the event & Archie for the ice cream! It was great reconnecting with the group (Ant,OC Dave,TrulyOdd,Steve Brothers to name a few) and meeting new friends. Hope to make it to this years gathering and bring a few bikes. ~Johnny
  2. Hey Grey! Looks likes Alps to me. I had a set a few year back. ~Johnny [/b]
  3. It was a good time! Meeting and seeing new members! Great meeting you Joe! BTW~I forgot to to pick up that 3 speed Shimano hand shifter you were selling. Hold 1 for me, until we meet again! ~John (The Asian Guy with all the Torker stuff!)
  4. Very NICE Haul! That Mini-Twinn was only offered in 2 colors, your's (Campus Green) and Coppertone. One year only 1968. All the things attached to that front seat and the chain guard are the tough things to find. I'm looking to score one of those someday. ~Johnny
  5. Im learning it...... slowly. That's Cool! I have 2 Kay's (3/4) a 1946 and a 1958. They are fun! BTW~that Free Agent Looks Great! [/font] ~Johnny
  6. I'm in Steve! I just Pre-Reg! Hope to bring a few Torkers! ~Johnny
  7. Tryin to make this! Hopefully I can and will bring a few Torkers also!
  8. Hey Truly! I think those are " ALPS". I had a pair sold them on Ebay. They also were stamped "Japan & CR MO. ~Johnny
  9. Hey Matt! That bike came out Beautiful! Great Job!