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  1. I got the frame Randy had. Mini with sew ups. He told me it had been in a fire. Randy said you and Shelby raced it. You want it back? You bet! I'd like to talk to you about it. PM sent.
  2. When I rode for Blazer & Mike Maberry, I rode a chrome blazer, but my Dad, Billy Hill, had it chromed. My sister, Shelby, rode a chrome mini Blazer - also chromed by my Dad. Last I knew Randy Niemann had my sisters mini in Austin. I no longer own my chrome Blazer. Our garage burned and the Blazer was a victim of the fire. Neither of the above mentioned frames were decaled after the chroming. Thanks for all of the information, guys. I appreciate it. Shane
  3. Thanks, TrulyOdd. My understanding is that Brock and Mike have talked, and that Mike is, and always has been, the owner of Blazer. I can provide a phone number for Mike if you would like to talk to him. From Mike: "I am Mike Maberry, the only legal owner of Blazer and the Blazer name associated with BMX. I have never sold Blazer or given anyone rights to use the name. The confusion comes from Mr Bruce making the frame without the legal right to do so. It was not his fault, but he thought he had bought the right from a person that had never owned any part of Blazer. Mr Bruce stopped production after I informed him of the mistake. He was a good man, but did not know, who really owned the rights to Blazer. My logo was and remains (BR) for Blazer Racing. We are still in Lufkin, Texas as always. Any frame with (B) in not from the real manufacturer. The few that were made came from Mr Bruce in Houston, who has now passed away. Please do not advertise any Blazer Stickers unless you describe them correctly, which is, they are the illegal Blazer stickers and not the originals. All originals will come from me. You may contact me if you have and questions.Email: freedomhillchurch@yahoo.com."
  4. Thanks, I appreciate it. I spent a lot of time around River City BMX, Cibolo and Hidden Valley back in the day. I just wanted to get the frame built up. Now I'm going to start looking for era correct parts.
  5. I received this frame (serial #548) from Blazer BMX Racing owner Mike Maberry. The frame was professionally restored by Chris Mallett and Red-D Bikes from San Antonio, TX. Chris also built the bike. I raced for Factory Blazer BMX Racing in the early 1980's. I contacted Mike Maberry in 2012 looking for a 20" Blazer. Mike stated that he had a frame that needed some work - the top tube was snapped and was returned under warranty to Mike. Mike has had the frame ever since then. He gave me the frame and I sent it to Chris Mallett and Red-D Bikes (www.red-dbikes.com) for the restoration. As no surviving original decals are available, Mike gave Chris and I authority to reproduce all decals. The build was approved by Mike personally and his signature is clear coated on the frame.