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  1. Won't let me paste and click the story so I guess Just enjoy the pics. Yes they really are Hutch Aerospeed late model prototypes. BenderOG
  2. Cranks and wheelsets are hard to let go of I bet I have 14 sets of Profile 3pc. and even though they are plain they are still works of arts in my eyes and I'm happy to just keep them.
  3. When I looked at it first glance Quamen popped into my head then my second thought was Graveyard. I just did a little research and a Quamen stem is a Macross Won't let me post a link to one but you can go to Quamen website and look at the current Macross 26 model. I'm thinking its affiliated to those high end Flatland companies from 10 years ago like London OG bikes I bet the owner of Flatland Fuel could solve it I had talked with him a few times over the years about Basic Bikes items and what not. Bender
  4. At some point in the mid 80s the frames were made overseas and they went on letting you believe they were USA made Hutch did the same exact thing this is the one fact I've always wanted to know the exact date they did this. Bender
  5. I have a blue NOS Pro XL Billet . I also have a Pro Billet white that I had powder coated.
  6. BenderOG

    Madd Max

    Yep 16 spoke - rumored to be motorcycle spokes?
  7. BenderOG

    Madd Max

    Rare ?! I worked in a shop in the mid to late 90s and we never sold a set of these I don't remember any distributors ever carrying them. I'd guess they are from around 1996-8. Appear to have the same hub as the Peregrine PhatJack wheeset which was famous right before Hoffman Highrollers and Primo SOB Hulas took over. Enjoy the pics they are pretty to look at blinding chrome finish. Bling Bling
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Vintage-Reynolds-531-Tube-Set-Frame-building-Touring-Rene-Herse-Singer-NIB/221255079027?_trksid=p2047675.m2109&_trkparms=aid%3D555003%26algo%3DPW.CAT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D142%26meid%3D33895101025415479%26pid%3D100010%26prg%3D1076%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D130951353720%26
  9. Someone go down to the Haro headquarters and take pics of the Captain America Monocoque they still have on display there please. I was extremely close to buying it around 1999 - 2000 I was kicking ass selling tons of Haro Bikes and I kept having my sales rep bug them about it we were very close to talking them into it! Bender
  10. NOS King hardware for Peregrine wheels. The packaging mentions King Axles so that's a good chance what you have. I have never seen one of those before.... I know shocking! Would make sense then you would have the thick dropouts the outer washer and most likely the peg yet and that would be the prefect amount of thread to make it work. Bender
  11. Love the details like the alternating color nipples. I dig the sprocket to. Nice Job! Bender I'm actually a real life railroad engineer with BNSF and from time to time we have to pilot(guide) Amtrak over our territory when they are rerouted.
  12. Jim sold off all his BMX plus and Bmx Action issues back around 1999-2000 when he first started Ebaying I have 12-14 mags with the JMC address label on them all are pristine. Bender
  13. How many other parts can you guys ID in the pic?
  14. I quit my bikeshop job around 2000-01 and they weren't available then. I bought these around 2003 off of Ebay . So my best guess is 2002.