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  1. eBay now charges final value seller fees on the shipping charges. So a item that sells for a $1 plus $10 shipping will have the same final value fees that a item that sells for $10 plus $1 shipping would have. eBay says they do this to prevent sellers from profiting from over charging for shipping. I see it as way for eBay to make sure they get their cut. So, if you charge actual shipping charges, you'll lose about 10% on it.
  2. I know that a lot of people are still in trouble, out of work, etc... but as a whole economy, the worst is behind us. John I know this article is an opinion, but it raises some interesting points... http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/134833 Owl, I read the article and have no reason to dispute what it states as I agree with it. However, for whatever reasons, right or wrong, the outlook looks brighter now than a year ago. My 401K was 50% up for 2009. ...Yes I know that it was down 50% the year before, so we are not back to where we were a couple of years ago, but still... Things are moving in the right direction. John
  3. I know that a lot of people are still in trouble, out of work, etc... but as a whole economy, the worst is behind us. John
  4. My son just bought a the yellow CW Phaze 1. Pretty cool, but from my son's point of view, not as fun as the fingerboards. My son browses youtube for tech deck videos, which there are hundreds, and then looked for the flick trix, only to find a couple. Not really designed well to do tricks with your fingers. John
  5. serial number would indicate 1984. Can't answer the other parts of your question.
  6. ...just goes to show that you never really know a person. I thought you were black and played the sax all this time. I'm never trusting teh internets again. John
  7. Some pals you got. At least the seller did the right thing. What if it was one of your pals that was enroute to pick up the bike and the seller decided to sell to you for more money? John
  8. I would start off the conversation with something that let's her know that you really had to think about approaching her. A brief history of your relationship with her husband, but don't drag it on and get to the point of why you are there. You must get the bike before it's gone forever. John
  9. Greg, Are you saying the bars themselves are fakes or just the black chrome finish? When he uses, "CUSTOM BLACK CRHOME" ...does he mean that the bars are original chrome bars that have custom black chrome finish on it? Is that his loophole? Shady to say the least. Thanks for the heads up. John
  10. Young grasshopper, it's not the camera as much as what's behind it. John
  11. Dang! ...the grass is greener on the other side of the fence! VERY NICE! John
  12. Nice build. Clean. ...just like the tighty whities in the background. john
  13. Brian, That last picture says it all, doesn't it? Awesome. John
  14. I'm starting to realize that owning NOS items is more of headache than a benefit. My first couple of builds, a VDC Gorilla and a CW Phaze1, were built using NOS parts, except frame and fork. Fast foward a couple of years to now, besides the enjoyment I had when I put them together, they have done nothing for me. I can't ride them, surely not with the NOS tires on them. I know for a fact that if I built the Gorilla with used era correct parts, I would be cruising that thing all the time. I have accumulated a nice stash of NOS parts over the past few years and I can't bring myself to use them. Mainly due to fact that it can be NOS only once. So, I have plenty of survivors and used builds to keep me happy. ...My kids and I can ride them, I enjoy building them and don't have to worry if it gets laid down. ...and for the true survivor bikes, the history and happiness that bike bought a some kid is captured right there. Looking at a survivor bike, you can almost feel the history pouring out of it. That's why I collect. John