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  1. Just heard about this from a friend... http://www.whittiernarrowsbmx.com/ "As of June 30th Whittier Narrows BMX will be CLOSED. Our contract with the county has expired and the new RFP that was sent out in November was one with terms that were not feasible to work with. The terms were unreasonable. As of today 6/22/2016, we (USA BMX and the park superintendent) do not have an agreement to keep the track open after June 30th. "
  2. Finally got it all put back together. As it was when I picked it up... But much cleaner ( and new grips). Cheers!
  3. I got this 1986 (serial starts # 686.... ) Robinson off craigslist a few years ago... Haven't had a chance to clean it up yet. It's stamped with a 'P'. I assume for Pro, but top tube is only about 18".
  4. Just registered myself (and my wife is excited its not another beer event). Woohoo! If other family are going and need different sized shirts do i just complete the process over again? Should i use my screen name or leave that part blank? Sorry for all the questions.
  5. This sounds awesome and i hope i can make it. Is registration required for the whole family... including small kids?
  6. OK re-measured following these guidelines. More like 19".
  7. Not sure how to measure exactly, but from weld to weld on the very top of the top tube it's abotu 17.75"
  8. The brake bridge is flat... so from what i understand from these forums it may be a later model??? Serial "SH 100" I was a little bummed about the forks not being Hustler. Mostly just because this is the bike i always admired when i was a kid, and for some reason don't remember the JMC forks being on it. What really bothers me is the black paint on the white rims and chrome spokes. But i'm thinking it will clean up. I was happy to see the Cook handlebars on it... just as i remembered.
  9. Was able to dig up my old sticker collection... and came across these that Ralph hooked me up with:
  10. Over the weekend my older brother contacted the only other person i knew who owned a Hustler. He was ready so sell. Pretty certain most of this bike was had through Ralphs Bicycles in the 80's. It's been over 20 years since i've seen this bike. Thought i could share. I think the forks are JMC, DK stem (without logo?), white Z rims (painted black), Cook Bros. Bars (with number plate). I've got some work to do to clean all the rust spots. Sorry for the poor photo. Very excited to finally have this bike!
  11. I've wanted a hustler since was a kid. My older brother got one from Ralphs but it was stolen pretty quick. Anyone ever see these being sold anywhere nowadays and if so what kind of price range. This is one of the few threads i've seen about them, and I haven't seen any for sale (been looking off and on for a few months). I sported a Ralphs jersey for a few years when i raced in the early 90's. Ralphs was our go-to bike shop!