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  1. http://bmxsociety.com/index.php?app=bmxdb&module=bikes&do=viewBike&bike=522 Above All Others. Ultra rare and absolutely original black with gold component Kuwahara as seen in the original Kuwahara BMX Magazine advertisement. This is the bike that started the Kuwahara legend with all Tange 4130 Chro Moly tubing. Purchased as soon as the Kuwaharas were available in the Chicago area, as Chicago was one of the 3 spots listed in the early Kuwahara advertising/marketing campaign. Original black paint and low serial number of OCO 328. Lowest surviving Black/Gold first edition Kuwahara? Original gold FMX KKT Lightning pedals, gold Suntour stem, gold Suntour front hub, gold box UKAI front rim, gold suntour seat clamp and silver handlebars. Dia Compe MX W Wienman semi-automatic rear brake. Gold 44 tooth chaining with Suntour Vx crank arm and all original Suntour chain ring nuts. The left crank arm is a “Team Schwinn Pro” as the original crank arm stripped and had to be replaced. The rear rim was trashed a long time ago, and replaced with a black boxed UKAI rim/Suzie hub which looks pretty good on the bike. This is the UKAI rim that has the white stripes on each side. Zeronine racing plate with two “Advanced Trickery” stickers, which was an infamous BMX shop in the Chicago land area that burned down in the early 80s. California Lite top tube and stem pads. Grips have a black base with a yellow pullover soft grip. The bike has a front Dia-Compe brake on it because I read in the early 80s that Stu Thomsen or some other rider sometimes rode with a front brake so he could slow down faster going into the first turn of BMX races. Like many things, I don’t know if it helped, but had to have it. The bike was raced 3 times in the 80s and it won the first race it was ever entered in. (I was just along for the ride). I am the original owner and most of the decals are original as I replaced the fork stickers because they were beyond recognition. To add to the mystique of an ultra-rare Kuwahara survivor the bike has a hairline crack near the front gusset. I only noticed it 30 years later when I was restoring the bike. From what I have read, this is one of the major reasons why the frame was changed and why this model is now so ultra–rare. I have read conflicting stories on whether the first Kuwahara model was called the KE-1. This is a 4-hole gusset frame so it’s the real deal. Simply stunning with the new glow in the dark Scorch Sweetskinz tires. (I have 1980’s yellow tires but they are totally dry-rotted and not safe to ride) Bike has black rear pegs added, and a new laid back seat post which makes it more comfortable to ride given my current size. The bike gets lots of looks and street credibility today when ridden to our local BMX park (Although the rider does not). Above All Others.
  2. Kind of a restomod of my very, very early Kuwahara. Gold/Yellow tires were of course totally dry-rotted. Found these that glow in the dark that I liked. Changed stem because old stem had become part of the frame in a bad way. Added pegs for fun