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  1. Kevin, Im enjoying taking in all the information you've posted thank you. Would you know where the serial number is located on the PRGT? Also, are the flat at the end of the top tube? I know CYC have the holes, but what about the dimples some have?? thank you, Mike Here you go Mike. No dimple on end of top tube.
  2. Northridge head tube given to me by old school bmx head at swap after long conversation that was over too soon.
  3. You can never have too many forks!
  4. Rebel/Blazer distributor catalog. This is no longer in my hands so these pics are all I have left of it. Problem with your Lil Reb? Just call up Mr. Bruce. Collect! What a trip. Also, that Blazer dealer decal dubplatestyle posted is from my find and I have another if anyone is interested in it. TrulyOdd has first refusal since he started the thread.
  5. Such sad sad news. I talked to him maybe a month ago about making 22" hoops. Never knew he was ill.
  6. Probably something to do with KKT calling them "superstrong". Ad from '76?
  7. Nice little haul there rock. If anyone found black 9/16" KKT Super pedals or similar I could figure out a trade that would end up stupidly in your favor....
  8. "Spike, Don't Sell This" So cool and so damn funny.