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  1. A lot of debate has gone on over the years as to what is the frame that has had the most influence on BMX design. I've always said (rightly or wrongly, just my opinion) that it is the Mongoose. They are just soooo good to ride...:-)
  2. I know, these are my favourite stem of all time. I've ran one on my Champion for around six years and it's survived all the abuse i've ever given it.
  3. MCS six bolt stems by 'Sittiphol' are on Ebay straight outta Thailand...!!!!!!
  4. Ever since Mike posted the pics up on FB i knew this bike was important and potentially the most significant 'find' since i have been involved in the first decade of BMX. I'm absolutely blown away that this bike has been owned by Mike since '77 and he didn't know the importance of what he actually had. Hat's off to you guys on the Society for filling in some of the blanks and providing the history behind #163. Steve
  5. That is actually a very fair comment Steve and one that i will take on board from all you guys. If and when i use any content from the main site, i'll be sure to give the source credit. To be honest BEAR'S isn't even two years old yet and i remember when some of you guys first joined myself and Rupert were getting blasted for not saying who took the photo. We were like "What are we doing wrong". All we did was shared some proper rad photos we were finding on the net. What we had to learn was the protocols of sharing which tbh i am still doing. So i'm happy for constructive criticism. You guys are STILL number one. Steve
  6. Some of you know and some of you do not know that i run BEAR'S BMX from BITD on Facebook. I have happily used content from this thread to spread the word to the masses and it has been very well recieved by everyone that has seen the pictures that have been used so far. I have always given credit to the riders and the photographers (if i know who they are) and various persons have happily chipped in with missing information. BMX Society has always been an inspiration to me as it contains some serious names in the sport/hobby and provides fantastic research material/photos. If you were not there back in the day or have come into the vintage scene later on in life (as i did) then there are not that many resources available to the average guy with no contacts. I feel that BEAR'S has helped in spreading '70s BX/MX/BMX across the globe and i have been honoured to 'meet' the pioneers of this glorious sport/hobby and can happily call some of them friends. But, if using any of the photos from this thread causes that much of an upset i'll stop using them in future. Steve
  7. I recently re-read the 'Mels Thread' (all 150+ pages) and this emoji sure does pop up a lot. Rick was a great guy and thought of you very highly Steve...
  8. Rest in Peace Guvnor, gonna miss you buddy. Thoughts going out to Patti and the family. Terrible terrible loss...:-(
  9. Hi Greg, with that info i think i can rule out that it is a 78 model. The gusset behind the BB is not flat and the gusset behind the head tube is not welded all the way round. Where the metal bends to form the 'V' is not welded to either top tube or down tube. The number is definately weird though as it was definately underneath all the layers of paint. Either way i'm stoked to have scored a Thruster...:-) Many thanks for your help. Steve :-)
  10. I have just picked up what i was told to be a Thruster Vanishing Point. As far as my knowledge goes these were built as early as very late 1978 and none of the ealier models had any form of serial number on them. This is where i need some help if anyone knows. My frame was red in colour although underneath it is primer then what i believe to be the original white paint. Now the interesting part. Stamped into the bottom bracket shell is the number : 78 12 RL 110 I took off the layer of red then the primer and finally the white and the serial number was 100% covered by all three layers of paint so i think it is safe to say that this was stamped prior to being painted. For the record the top tube measurement c2c is 18.5 inches. The seat tube measurement (centre of BB to top of tube) is 11.25 inches. It has a four inch head tube and a USA Bottom Bracket. Also has the early curved brake bridge. Could anyone shed any light on this serial number. Regards...Steve