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  1. So much radness going on with this bike...:-)
  2. Recently picked up these hubs and i'm looking for a definate ID on them. The front looks like a Bullseye hub but has a 'spacer' around the bearing which i can find no reference too. The rear looks like a Jax hub but again the only reference i can find is a non flipflop rear. Can anyone help with a positive ID on both hubs. Thanks in advance...Steve
  3. Yeah, that's a great old frame then,i like it...:-)
  4. I like that, nice clean example if that's all og...:-)
  5. I got one too...:-) https://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-oldskool/item/52779-preserving-bmx-history-steve-strong-gbr?fbclid=IwAR0jmxqKcmgLm8-xd3m1MaKf19YyO5Ufx9iLw28BUyHi9CnH9vj2jgqVWKg
  6. Great thread Brian, really cool to see you and your good Lady enjoying riding together...:-)
  7. It may be under the decal on the head tube Rick...
  8. The third in the series was this 1976 R&R Supelight model. This particular bike was raced back in the day by Todd Fleming, who was the National Number 2 rider and sponsored by LRV. The 'extra' gusset was welded in by Todd's Dad as these were prone to break with a lot of abuse. The frame has been through a number of 'collectors' hands including Donnie Baird and Jeff Haney before it came to me. I also managed to track down Todd and he confirmed that it is his old race bike from back in the day.
  9. This was the second R&R that i built. 1976 pro gusset model. I got this from Dan Williams and as you can see it was a real basket case, i had to save it. I had a friend cut out the seat post tube and re-weld in a new one in cro-moly. The drop outs also recieved some welding and were massaged back into shape. I couldn't let this one die...
  10. This is the first R&R that i built around 6/7 years ago. 1977 frame/forks rolling on Dale Enterprise MX-60s.