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  1. I've seen the pics Glenn. Looks super aggressive. Can't wait to see the other bikes at the show. I'll make it to Roberto's but not this year. I'm partly there - he's holding on to 6 of my frame sets right now!
  2. CW Racing Hollywood Mike Miranda Limited Edition Race Kits with sequential serials. Hers is the blue one.
  3. I was traveling overseas last week and took shots of these cool sculptures in a mall:
  4. We also communicate very regularly through the blog on our site, our newsletter (again through our site), and our Facebook page rather than any forums.
  5. Hey Kerry, We're working on expanding the product range, listening and learning. We're always available through our site. Martin
  6. Our first production build. This is Christopher Appoldt's rider:
  7. The first factory chrome race kits are complete
  8. I just sent out our first Newsletter. If you haven't subscribed yet, make sure you do to keep up with the news. Just enter your email address on the right hand side of the footer on our site.
  9. Welcome everybody . . . www.cw-racing.com