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  1. Just finished building up this 99 S&M Challenger.
  2. My original finish first generation Holmes.
  3. My all survivor built SE Made Hoffman Condor. Finally finished building my Condor. Its completely built from survivor parts, with original chrome and decals on the frame, forks, and post. Not many chrome condors came out with green decals so even though they are pretty rough Im glad they are all there. I built it up exactly how I would have done so back in the 90's.
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys. I have added some more pics and a full parts breakdown. Will have a quick look now and find out how to add it to the database.
  5. A few pics of my 93 SE made Condor I recently finished. All original chrome and decals. The bike is actually built entirely of survivor parts so nothing is NOS or new. Full build is as follows. Frame: Hoffman Condor made by SE Fork: Hoffman Condor made by SE Bars: Hoffman Patriot Headset: Odyssey Dynatron with Tange lock nut Stem: TNT inverted Gyro: Odyssey Gyro Levers: Dia Compe Tech 77 Front Brake: DC Nippon 886 Rear Brake: AD 990 Girps: ODI Toadstool Seat Clamp: Built into frame Seat Post: Hoffman Condor Seat: Fusion Kashimax FS Cranks: GT profiles 175.. Sprocket: Power Disk with Sugino 43T Pedals: Shimano DX Chain: Izumi Wheels: Peregrine Super Pro Tyres: ACS True 100 Pegs: Hoffman Other: Odyssey Sprocket Pocket bash guard
  6. I recently finished building this up. Its a 93 Hyper Metro pro XL built up with all survivor bits. When I started the build I really wanted to get the Hyper wheels to match, but in the end I managed to find everything that Hyper made for it. This includes Wheels, bars, pads, and plate. Im really pleased I managed to get the bike built up like it is mostly because I never imagined Id find all of the Hyper bits to go with it. Anyway, some of you may have seen it at MK, but for those who didn't, here are the pics and the parts list. Thanks to Jake on here for helping me out with the pads. Full Spec: Frame: 93 Hyper Metro Pro XL Forks: Answer Pro Forx Stem: GT Pro Series XL Headset: Odyssey Dynatron Bars: Hyper Pro bars Grips: Jive Tentacles Lever: DC MX88 Brakes: Odyssey Pitbull Seat: Selle Italia Flite Titanium (genuine 90's not a reissue) Seat Post: GT micro adjust Seat clamp: GT Double Bolt Cranks: GT Pro Series 180mm Pedals: JP Pro Square Sprocket: Profile Rip Saw 2 Chain: Izumi Tyres: GT Megabite / Tioga Competition 3 Rims: Sun Minstral Hubs: Hyper Pro Padset: Hyper Plate: GPR hyper team issue
  7. What you guys have there is a King Bike co axle Kit. They replaced the stock axle and cones and used pressure to hold the bearings in place. I have these on my Trail boss as well.
  8. Haha, yes it took me longer then planned. WIll hopefully be able to add another next week.
  9. A few of my bikes. WIll post the others when I get around to taking pics.