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Found 326 results

  1. Hello BMXers I'm the proud new owner of this JMC, rides great Pictures will give you the parts list, had the UNI seat on it but had to put a comfy seat on to ride it Please school me on this as I'm still learning about JMC A couple of things have been pointed out to me, Early DY bars & undrilled fork
  2. Built three bikes saturday Rebuilt the JMC DY replacing all the gold parts with silver/chrome parts: rims, cranks, sprocket, pedals, stem, caliper and lever. I've had the Quad frame set for most of the last twelve plus years ( sold it and bought it back, luckily) and have never built it. One year only color and one of only two known in collectors hands in this color. Some of you may recognize it as I got it from member pjcruiser. Last is my Foiler top tube Race Inc RA7. I bought this about 14 years ago as a complete survivor. Times got tough and I was forced to sell. It went through three owners and when I finally was able to get it back, it was just the frame and fork. I've owned the Quad and Race Inc frame sets longer than anything else I own. 1984 JMC Darrell Young serial DY84128 sold to TIP on 4/3/84. Original finish frame, fork, DY bars. The down tube decals and head tube decal are original. I got the seat tube decal, fork decals, and both hbar decals from Carla at JMCBMX.com. Frame, forks, headset and bars came from Zack. Thanks again!! 1984 DY frame, fork, bars Ame bubble font Rounds Tuf Neck tiger stamped Tioga Beartrap 2 headset SE Racing seat post Cycle Pro Shotgun 2 seat Araya 7X polished rims 20x1.75 rims Suzue hubs Shimano 16t freewheel Izumi chain Dia Compe MX1000 and Tech 3 lever New brake cable Cheng Shin 2.125 and 1 75 skinwall Comp 3 (real 80s tires) Redline 175mm Flite full wrap single pinch cranks Redline 44t sprocket Shimano DX pedals Dia Compe cable clamps All original finishes on everything. Every part cleaned and deteiled as I always do. Repacked the hubs, BB, and headset. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1979 Race Inc RA7 with Foiler top tube and Race Inc serial number. ALL original finish and decals. 1979 Race Inc RA7 frame. OG paint and decals with Foiler top tube. Race Inc leading axle forks. OG paint and decals. Frame and fork og to each other. Hatta headset Suntour stem Race Inc tall bars Ame Tri bubble font grips Dia Compe Tech 3 lever SE Racing chromoly seat post Xcaliber seat post clamp Cycle Pro Shotgun 2 seat Dia Compe 1020 caliper Dia Compe brake pads Izumi chain Shimano 16t freewheel Araya 7X polished rims 1.75 36h Sunshine hubs Kenda 20x2.125 and 1.75 Comp 3 skinwall tires and tubes SR 170mm three piece cranks Takagi 44t sprocket Takagi chainring bolts Sugino looseball BB Shimano DX pedals -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1997 Alloy Quad in rare one year only color. Original finish and decals. 1997 Quad frame Landing Gear fork Chris King headset Stem Lock DK stem SE pro bars ATI Links grips Odyssey lever TNT seat post clamp Kalin micro adjust post SE seat by Velo Araya 20x1.5 chrome Araya 7X rims DK sealed hubs Dicta 16T freewheel Izumi 1/8" chain Comp 3 tires. Rainbow label 20x2.125 and 1.75. New tubes Primo pro pedals Technique 176mm pinchless cranks Technique looseball square tapered bottom bracket Tektro brake arms and pads
  3. In May, 2019, I picked up this incredibly beautiful original finish 1979 Standard Long. According to the certificate, it was originally sold to a shop in California near the Nevada border. That shop is still in business today. I contacted them to verify that they were the same shop as identified on the JMC Certificate. While the owner couldn't verify specifically that he sold the bike, he did confirm that they have been in business since the 1970's and did sell BMX in the late 70's era. Over the decades, the frame ended up on the east coast and was eventually paired up with the bladed forks for a perfect color and condition match. The blue is vibrant with only minimal wear throughout the frameset. The rear dropouts do show some chipping, but nothing that detracts from the overall condition. It's in incredible condition for a 40+ year old frameset. Some may remember that I built a red JMC back in 2009. I always kind of regretted selling. So, eleven years have passed between the two bikes, and incredibly, they are only 39 frames apart. Red = JMC1191 Blue = JMC1230 The red JMC weighed heaviIy on my mind. I loved that bike and I knew that some components would be similar. I wanted to look for super-clean, used examples of all components to compliment the condition of the frame. I changed my mind many times over the past year regarding the parts I wanted to use, but this is what appeals most to me. I'm very happy with it. BY THE WAY: I would be extremely happy to find two (or even ONE) JMC Racing down tube decals that are not rub-ons. If anyone has a set of white on clear mylar originals (or even Jim's older reissues from 10+ years ago), please contact me. Identical to the fork leg decals. PART LIST: FRAME - JMC1230 Large Airfoil FORK - JMC bladed HEADSET - Tange MX HANDLEBARS - Redline Proline STEM - Redline GRIPS - Oakley 2 CRANKS - Campagnolo BOTTOM BRACKET - Cook Brothers PEDALS - Bob Reedy CHAIN - HKK Smoker SEAT CLAMP - Excaliber SEAT POST - Fluted SEAT - Elina Super-Pro HUBS - Campy (Paramount drilled) AXLES, NUTS,LOCK NUTS - Campy FREEWHEEL - Suntour 17T RIMS - 7B / 7C TIRES - Carlisle Aggressor MX / Cycle Pro Snakebelly BRAKE CALIPER - Shimano Tourney BRAKE PADS - Mathauser BRAKE LEVER - Dia-Compe Gold Dot PADS - Vinyl snap PLATE - Hunt Wilde rectangle (same plate from 2009)
  4. Harry Leary's # 3 Frame. Original finish.
  5. I have just found a micro mini in a shed clearance and would like some help to date it etc , the number on the frame is MM8459 oh and the all important question is what’s it value
  6. I though I'd change this one up as it's been built the same way since about '01 or so. I stepped into a set of early Graphite's and thought I would see how they looked on this one. Possibly too much black for my liking. Used wheels with the og box, and a before pic.
  7. A little something I've been working on-85 AP, all original finish, and same with the parts (non NOS). I did my best to use correct parts that were used but not abused-and of course, do something a little different- BITD the thought was that the Browning was cheating, and I believed that too, but lately, I've been curious. I will say it works pretty freakin good-I railed on it, and it works....... I will say this-this is the best, THE BEST, OS 20" I've ridden in some time. If I had a co pilot, I'd show some action shots. This thing just flys, and the two speed is flawless. Opinions are always welcome.
  8. Well I had the opportunity to buy a 1982' JMC Cruiser frame and bladed fork so I pulled the trigger. Built it up with mostly parts I have been hoarding over the years... just need a legit seat post and plan on swapping the cranks to a set of Redline 401's I have but just need a bottom bracket... until then the almost NOS Tourney cranks will work.... hope you guys like it.
  9. Just picked up some finishing touches for my 79' JMC standard long euro bottoms bracket. It now sports some araya 7c's with a fat/skinny set of red wall comp II's, tuff neck , Race Inc VBars and a kashimax seat. The frame was re-powdered when I got it. I threw on OG used parts... Partly because I didn't want to have to mortgage my house to get NOS parts... Haha. I've been out of the scene for a while. I've owned many JMC's but this is my first candy red one, my first memory as a kid of ever seeing a JMC bike was at Covina Valley Schwinn back in the late 70's... They had them all lined up and the candy red one jumped out at me. Believe it or not, according to the birth certificate from Jim, this candy red bike was actually first sold to Covina Valley Schwinn back in 79'...Go figure... Enjoy peeps!
  10. I just listed 2 NOS JMC Darrell Young design down tube decals ( chrome/red and clear/white) I've had for about 10 years on eBay. Price is $50 each plus shipping http://www.ebay.com/itm/JMC-BMX-NOS-Darrell-Young-design-silver-frame-decal-/252378503104?hash=item3ac2ee57c0:g:fcEAAOSwYmZXKioR http://www.ebay.com/itm/JMC-BMX-NOS-Darrell-Young-design-white-on-clear-frame-decal-/252378510426?hash=item3ac2ee745a:g:MiAAAOSwLs5XKisc
  11. Bought the frame in this condition not shure if repainted. It does have several battle scars on it.
  12. SOLD SOLD SOLD! I'm sure this will come as a shock to those who know me and the story of this bike. But, my 1985 JMC 24 is up for sale again. Why? Because I'm out of work right now and might be moving cross country again soon. I'm putting the f/f and bars up for sale right now. If someone is interested in the complete bike, I'll be happy to entertain offers. f/f is a 1985 JMC cruiser in white. The white was powder coated around 2009ish, as the bike had been repainted by a previous owner. I have the Jim Melton signed COA stating that it was originally white. The fork has its original chrome finish. The MX2 headset is included. I've owned 3 JMC cruiser frames over the years and this set is easily the cleanest, no dents, dings, repairs, the dropouts are clean with minor washer marks, no brake bridge crimp. Just a super clean and straight set. I'm asking $2500 for the f/f. Next, the FAB bars. These are available only after the f/f sells, I want to offer these to anyone who might be interested in the f/f first. If someone buys the f/f and isn't interested in the bars, then they will be available separately. This is a super clean example of FAB bars. Not cut, not crimped, original chrome and decals. $800. If/when the f/f sells, most of the rest of the parts will be available as well.
  13. One time years ago, a bunch of us got together in Venice for an afternoon ride. Bunch of people were there, even G-ryde and Spike, and I think Kevin Miserow too...and Alvin brought Andy. Anyway... Andy rode the AP a bit that day. It wasn't the first time he'd seen it, but as I watched him check it out and pedal around, he seemed to be deeper in thought this time... I imagined he was reflecting on old times. Maybe he was flashing back to the JMC signing, or flashing back to the planning stages for this signature frame. Was he maybe marveling about how his signature frame had become one of the rarest and most valuable frame sets in the OS BMX scene? Or maybe he was just thinking about whether to have chicken or a burger for dinner? I don't know. Didn't ask.
  14. I'm trying to organize the bike area a bit, so seeing some stuff I don't get out too often. I haven't posted these in probably 8 years or more. JMC embroidered pads. I almost didn't buy them since Jim had them made later than the OG JMC era, but they are really nicely done, and now iwth Jim being gone and all, I'm really glad to have them as a representation of the sort of side project Jim found worthy. I can't remember if these were the only ones, or one of a couple blue sets, I will have to try to find the e-mails. If anybody else does happen to have some, please chime in. I'm curious to know if there are others out there.
  15. So I haven't been around for a while, been dabbling in the VW scene for a spell. Thought I was done with collecting JMC's till I found this 79'ish JMC Standard Long with euro bottom bracket, been looking for one for years! I text pictures of the bike to my buddy Adam Cox.. Many of you know him as JMCACE. He told me this bike was known as a JMC kit bike??? Evidentially they built a few complete bikes at the factory with Araya 7c rims, shimano hubs, aluminum bars and neck. Adam also told me he actually built the wheel set for this bike and did some frame and fork work to it. This bike has virtually all of its original parts along with OG paint stickers and even a sticker from the bike shop it was purchased from. I bought it from a guy who's wife was the original owner of it and it has sat in her parents garage for years. This bike will remain in its original state as I will only change the seat post, seat, tires and grips. I think I may have finally found my Grail bike... It will look great next to my JMC#12 bike. Hopefully the pics will download properly so you can check the OG dream out.
  16. In April 2004 I set out to collect one of each of the 20" JMC frame models. Examples show are the post 1982 style with the round down tube. I dedicate this collection to the great man Jim Melton, thanks so much to everyone who has helped me along the way !!! Too many to list, but special thanks to Don Moor who let me purchase his rare JR Mini, Mr Radman , who parted with a set of AP bars, all polishing / re-chroming work / painting taken care of by Biagio - great job !!, Just....Me....Chillin (os bmx) for his amazing knowledge. Matt for trading his AP) Many of these pics have been show along the way, but this is the first time, the whole collection has been shown together !! -= Sadley they will be relocating to a new home soon (They are not being sold, but a friend who has a very large property is letting me use a spare room to house the collection, my 2 bed appartment is just not big enough"!) All builds are a mixture of NOS / prefessionally restored f&f and parts - Where nos is listed it applies to the Frame and fork. allparts are a mix of nos / refurbished I also purchased Jims reminaing stock of NOS jmc rub on decals,so most have NOS decals, rather than his repro ones. 1984 Micro Mini - Only 85 made - (I have 2 of these) 1984 NOS Mini 1982 Justin Roos Mini - only 54 made 1984 XL 1983 NOS 3.1 XL (JMC Standard Bars)
  17. Hi all,i found JMC model JR or Justin Roos Mini, serial number JR1.I contacted Jim Melton last night and he confirmed it is the first frame made for Justin.It is different than the others,it has a shorter rear end and his dad machined holes in the dropouts and elliptical gusset behind the bottom bracket.Not sure if the production model has the gusset,i could not find any good pics to look at,but i heard they did not have them.
  18. JMC BMX - one of the all time greats. The company still commands major respect over two decades after they closed their doors. It's an iconic brand and I hope that people will also weigh in on what JMC means to them personally. The frames, forks and components are artisan quality. They were pretty forward thinking in terms of geometry and things like the integrated seatpost clamp (though I personally have mixed feelings about that one). The bikes are a joy to ride. Super dialed. Of course there is another big factor... it's the way Jim Melton handled the company and still handles himself. Total professional, very accommodating, and one of the most remarkable and useful things to all of us at this stage of the game was that he kept great records so that anyone with a JMC can immediately get a lot of info from him about the history of their frame, simply by providing him with the serial number. But there is something else I admire... it is a component of Jim's "legend". The guy was color blind! I'm not talking about mismatched shades of paint or powder... I'm talking about the multi-ethnic make up of the team. He was keeping it so real, and doing so in an era when you would immediately notice the unique composition of the team racially speaking. Obviously he was putting the best people he could come to terms with on the team. They were the best racers and knowing how Jim rolls, he probably took a decent and polite disposition into account too. That's all that seemed to matter. As it should be. The bike industry is full of shady characters and crazy stories. I have never heard anything but positive assessments of Jim Melton. The guy embodies integrity. Mad Respect! Let's have a tribute thread. Post everything JMC. I'll start. I like Andy Patterson - he's a good guy. On top of that... the JMC AP model is a fine ride. Andy astride a JMC AP model, Venice Beach, fall 2007
  19. i was looking though my old BMX newspapers today and saw a bunch with mailing labels addressed to some cool people. thought it might make for a cool thread. i collect all the early newspaper publications and magazines but especially like the stuff addressed to somebody known in the biz (companies, racers, etc.). feel free to post them if you got 'em. here's jim melton (JMC) and bicycle motocross action (BMXA) i'll post more later