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Found 1 result

  1. So... this is pretty close to one of my childhood bikes. I picked it up with the intention of doing it exact, but still have some missing bits. It's not far off though and I will eventually dial it in completely. I have the Phil hubs, but they are 130 spaced and I just didn't get to the adjustment, and instead of blue Araya rims, at the moment I have blue Ukai on here. The other difference is that I had a blue xcaliber seat post clamp and I couldn't come up with one. I could hold back longer on the debut, and if it wasn't for BOTY, I would... but I try to submit something each year just so I can have grounds to admonish those of you who don't bother to enter anything anymore. Really, though... like others it seems, I'm getting lazy... there are a number of little details that I am letting slide. This uni-seat is newer than mine, the hubs and rims... already mentioned. I'll update if I get it dialed, but it's a lot of trouble! I bought the core elements off of Brian Hays, and brought it up to near spec with spare parts I had laying around. It came together weekend before last and I was holding out a bit, as I hoped to at least get the xcaliber clamp, but it didn't happen. It was kind of a moving experience when I took it for the first spin. Riding down 1st street towards my friend's house, the view looking down from the cockpit as the asphalt street passed beneath me gave me total flash backs... little vignette scenes from my youth came pouring back into memory. It was kind of a trip. The muscle memory kicked in and I reflexively reached to hand tighten the headset, just as I had done thousands of times, riding around as a kid. I really recommend this if you haven't built a replica from when you were a kid. It's such a trip the way the scenes from youth and little episodes return to mind. Stuff I have not thought of in over 30 years. Wow. Building a childhood replica is a pretty deep experience. I will have to build my burnished PK now. I could actually come pretty close to recreating this photo as well. I still have the helmet, which I believe I got for Christmas this very year the photo was taken. I had the bike and leathers already. I can still fit into the pants and jersey - high water for sure and tight, but I can do it. Unfortunately I don't have them here with me in California to really ice this throwback cake. I believe this is Xmas 1982. I got Devo's New Traditionalists LP as a gift as evidenced by another photo and though that album came out in late 81, I think based on other clues that this was 82. I also got a GT helmet bag for xmas.