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Found 5 results

  1. thanks to the Outsiders from San Diego for this photo of the winners... 1970's 20" BMX Bike - La Rock with the PeddlePower Pro (pulled this photo out of the database - the bike as it won might have had some changes?) 1980's 20" BMX Bike - Kevin "kevdog3" with the GJS Big Tube Cro-Mo (I poached this pic from Kevdog on Museum, it doesn't do the bike justice from this angle, but it's better than nothing) Mini BMX Class - Albert Asepres with the VDC Chimp 24" Old School Cruiser - Robert Escobedo (NoNameCruiser) with the First Gen, Early 80's Ano Blu Floval Flyer 26" Old School Cruiser - Ryan Partridge with the Cook Bros. Cruiser Freestyle BMX - Danny Ibarra with the Haro Freestyler Master Mid-School - Rad Rass with the Haro Group I Composite Pit Bike - Barry Lomipao (Reservoir Grizzly) with the Dan Gurney Pit Bike Retro / New School - Karl with the Kappa K24 Sidehack/Tandem - Dave Munnar with the Gary Littlejohn Tandem Sidehack I'm sorry, I didn't take photos as I was handing out the awards. It would be appreciated if people who took photos would post them here. Thanks.
  2. Thanks to everyone for coming out! Especially those of you who supported the event through registration or buying a shirt. That sure helped, and I appreciate it. Pretty good time yesterday, I think. Thanks to Dan Hubbard for being the best MC in the game. He moderated the vibes on the microphone, kept the music going and the action popping on the ramps. Thanks to Steve Blackey for his hard work on the trophies. They were super nice this year, a few subtle finishing touches on the nicest awards on the old school show circuit. Thanks so much to Doug Williams (Wagonguy) for being the corner stone of the volunteer labor that keeps the show on track. Thanks also to the judges for enduring the terrible responsibility of choosing winning bikes in a setting where there are super top notch bikes at every turn. It's a HARD job. Thanks to all the others who helped at the BMX Society booth and pre-event preparation. You know who you are. Thanks to Greg Higgins for your awesome art work that we adapted to the poster, shirts, hang tags and lanyards and coozies. People LOVED the show's art work this year. So thank you so much. Thanks to Ernie Alexander and his wife for coming out and letting us toast you. Thanks to Dave Clinton and Perry Kramer for the good words on Ernie's impact on BMX. Profound. Thanks to the donors who kicked in prizes for the Eddy King Benefit Raffle. It was a resounding success with over $1500 raised for the Eddy King Foundation. Todd Lyons and SE Bikes for the LiL Ripper and the Santa Cruz x SE skate deck Haro Bikes for the very generous donation of the #002 of 300 Haro Freestyler frame set Bob Haro / Ikonix for the shirts and the limited addition ART PRINT featuring his drawing of Eddy. Mike from Bicycle Assembly Team for the Harry Lear Dirtwerx frame. Ron Plumlee from LoveBMX for the shirts Shawn Ross for the shirts Mike Molina from the 24,26,29 Cruisers Only group for the shirts Perry Kramer for the Original PK Ripper promotional add The guys from San Diego Bacon Fest for the tickets Martin Aparijo for the cool poster Steve Macorn for the Rockville BMX DVD's Last but not least... the City of Long Beach and El Dorado park for allowing us to be there. The Rangers were mostly very patient. We are not a subtle, low impact group. Hopefully we'll be back there next year. It's a pretty good spot. I'd say overall the show was at least as large as any to date. The VAST expanse of set up space kind of made it seem less concentrated, but by early afternoon the vintage bicycle village that appears whenever we do this was pretty high density and sprawled for a long way in all directions... not to mention the parking lot painted a pretty clear picture of strong attendance. Congratulations to the bike show winners... really nice examples. Kudos. I know, no photos... what kind of recap is this?! I was busy. Hopefully others will fill in the visual gaps here.
  3. Thank you for coming everyone. Thanks to the staff and volunteers who kept it all on track. Thanks to Roland and the Whittier Narrows BMX track crew. Thanks to Danny Hubbard and Steve Blackey for all their help. Please post photos. I'm too burnt to download the few pics I took right now. Hopefully some of you will start posting some up soon. Good Day. Really nice seeing everybody!
  4. http://s194.photobucket.com/albums/z42/shadessean/2012%20BMX%20Society%20Reunion%20%20Show/?albumview=slideshow I don't have a way to shrink my photo's on my lil laptop, so I put them on photobucket for now ..
  5. This year's bike turn out at the gathering was by far the greatest ever. There are A LOT of people in this hobby! We burned through 300 bike registration tags by about 11 am. I had some left over from last year, so we gave those to people and Greg from Fireman's TX Cruzers was good enough to blast down to a printer and make up a few hundred more. Anyway... there were a lot of quality bikes. I mean a tremendous number of bikes that were stunning, show stoppers. We only have 9 awards to give out, so hard choices have to be made. It sounds so cliche' but there really are no "losers". There were so many bikes that were worthy... when the composition on so many is near flawless, it comes down to a lot of intangible factors and all around soul but there must be a single choice for each class. I would like to ask anybody that has photos of the winning bikes to post them here, feel free to post more than one shot. I would really like photos of the winners with their bikes. I know Gork took portraits of the winners, but he is saving those for a magazine article. So... please contribute your pics. We will edit the photos into this opening post if it seems like the thing to do. 1970's 20" BMX - BMX Products Monoshock "Super-X monoshock" owned by Andreas Stevens (Greyboy) 1980's 20" BMX - JMC 1980 Standard Long, owned by Lee Jones (tanker kranker) 24" Old School Cruiser - JMC Racing 24" owned by Barry Lomibao (Reservoir Grizzly) 26" Old School Cruiser - DG looptail 26" owned by Pat McKenna (SE666) Freestyle BMX - GHP Trix owned by Mark Weber (BBoy Graphix) Mid-School BMX - S&M Holmes (murray stays) owned by Shawn Ross (Rad Ross) Retro / New School - Custom 26" Champion Cruiser owned by Rocky Caravalho (Roc) Sidhack - "Tilton" Sidehack owned by Ron Gehlken Pit Bike - Gary Little John pit owned by Robert Escobedo (nonamecruiser)