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Found 11 results

  1. I know...I Know....the Age Old Question. But that's why I come her. You know more than I...and it's a Learning Curve for me! so...here's my Question; I had a Guy ,who watches out for Old Bikes for me, call.Below is How he has described the Bike... and you can tell he's not a Bike Guy, But I can't think which year and Model he's talking about. He said he has an Old Redline, The Logo is apparently Painted Looking Stickers on the Chrome Tube... Thunderbird Headset ThunderBird Stamped into The Frame near Rear Brake Mounting Gusset. Dia-Comp Brakes Tange Grips Lightning Bolt cut out on The Drop outs with the serial number... R72490......( does this mean July 24 th 1990 )..that's my guess I ran out and Bought the Bike,and am Very Impressed I found a Beauty! I have spent 4 hours already half breaking it appart and Detailing ( I am going to Share some Pictures of this BEAUTIFUL BARN FIND when I get a NOS set of Tires. Thanks in advance for the Help. ...once I date it, I'm going to fit a set of NOS Yellow Tires on it...... and Share some Pictures of this Beauty. peace, Kev.
  2. Sellers description: ”SUUUUPER RARE!!!!!! Just included a Kastan NOS uni strut hub laced up and ready for a fork I. It’s future !!!kastan kex expert bmx race bike power bend bars!! MITSUBOSHI COMP 3 TIRES!! ORIGINAL PAINT!!! Alll original and in great condition. Bike is AWSOME and a very rare piece of history. Please feel free to ask any questions. Bike is AWSOME few chips but other than that bike rides LIGHTNING FAST!! Rear wheel needs alignment both spin butter Suzue sealed Bearing hubs sun rims . Get it while you can you won’t see another one like it fir this price. bike is getting very hard to find especially as a survivor like this one” (Just do a search for it, not posting a link. I dont have any connection to the seller, just giving the Kastan lovers a heads up)
  3. Hey guys, Was curious if anyone could help ID this bike I am thinking of selling. I know its a redline 24"cruiser and has the RL logo on the downtube gusset. I bough it from a friend around 2001 I think and he had put GT stickers on it, lol. Bottom bracket says full CR and serial is RMC. Thanks
  4. This just came into the warehouse.I had to share this one.It looks like a Redline Proline w/5" head tube,but with a Cook bros. frame gusset.Anyone know what this is?
  5. This gem came into my life last year. The grips were toast and put a bogus plate on it. Otherwise as found. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time.
  6. I owned this in 79’ 80’ I traded it to a pal, in 1992 I did I tile job for my “pal” he didn’t have the $$ to pay me & said I could take anything in his garage, so I took it back along with the bike it was attached to, I know it’s the holiest of grails what year we’re they made old timers 77’? I believe I got it on a mongoose I horse traded for?
  7. Just happened to be flipping through the channels and caught this strategically placed in the background. A clean Redline Squareback (not exactly all era correct) but original and nice nonetheless). I snapped a couple pics as it flashed by. The hog ain’t too bad either!!!
  8. Linn Kastan was kind enough to send me these early designs last week. Cool to see the progression.
  9. Here is my latest build,though i would be different and have blue decals going to change the bars to V Bars though,as ive been told that the bars on it doesnt look rite lol all comment welcomed :D
  10. Hey rippers, do any of you have the BMX News Archieve CD Disc? I was looking for a couple of things. 1) a better scan of this attached BMX News Ad - Riders: Mel Stoutsenberger #655, Scott Rockwell #401 - Scott is ridinga Redline proto and Eric Airheart. 2) Back page "Parting Shot" of Mel Stoutsenberger busting a huge flattie at WSI - this is a full page shot in the back of the news paper. Much appreciated, BF