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Found 1 result

  1. First off I had a good day at work today. I had to man a desk instead of turn a wrench. Not always a good thing though, but today it was because I was not tired from a day of physical labor. My commute home that would take one hour on a Friday turned into three hours today I was almost home too, but already on my alternate route. The highway was blocked due to a gas leak. Once home I turned on the news and saw that it is the 45th anniversary of man landing on the moon. Well boys and girls just five short years later on July 20th 1974 man achieved yet another monumental milestone. The very first Yamaha Gold Cup qualifier was held a Birmingham high school in Van Nuys Ca. I was there that monumental summer day in '74. I attended with my friends Mike and Larry. Mike was entered but was put out in the early motos Mike and Larry can be seen in the stands on the cover shot of the August 1974 issue of Bicycle motocross news. ( I circled their heads in the pic of the cover.) It was a full day and the racing went into the night. It was well after dark before we hit the road for home. The three of us drove out there that day in a 1963 Corvair van we had dubbed " T.G.B.S.T.V.W.T.W.R.S." Or better known as "The Great Blue Sodbuster Team Van With The White Racing Stripe." It was easier to say than to abbreviate into an acronym. I'm sorry to report that our fine GM chariot broke down on us on the way home and we were stranded. Larry's dad had to drive out from Venice to where we broke down on Ventura blvd in the San Fernando valley. It took me many more hours to get home than it should have that day forty years ago too. I went and did a quick sift through my pictures and dug out everything I could find that was Yamaha Gold Cup related. Enjoy what you see and please add to it too!