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sam hudson

Scott Built Home Frame From 79 Or 80(pk Ripper)

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:nana: Ok guys ,you said to look for seatpost cracks in the Ripper,here is a small one:


What now? Just get it welded closed?

Here is pic of blasted frame and cleaned up Lgear.


i'm gonna paint it,its original dark metallic blue colour.i like it. :32: Found the Pk serial number,its all legit...hurrah.

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First off.... :break:


Always cool to get something new isn't it. That top tube length sounds right to me. I have never really been a PK guy so hopefully someone else that is will chime in on that one. Dark blue sounds cool. Gold parts ? I am not sure of the technique required to fix that right. I have seen much worse off frames have the entire seat tube replaced. I am not sure if you can quick fix that and have it stable or not. Keep us updated on the progress as it happens. I love raw aluminum. All naked like that. Just waiting for new life. Very cool. Glad it is working for you. Keep an eye out for a non stamped fork. The stamped ones are not easy to find either. You can always sell that to help cover the cost of a non stamped one.

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I'm probably wrong about this, but the bad seat tube cracks are vertical. Yours is horizontal, so I'd take it to an aluminum wheel repair shop and get it welded and ground down. A radiator shop might not be as delicate. I love blue and gold. I just got finished dusting my blue Moosegoose with gold parts.


I just keep looking at the dropouts. I'd round off the corners at the very least and put some Helix dropout savers over the wheel marks. You can have it fixed proper by a few people. Truetorch (site sponsor to the left), Rod Miles, and possibly even Sal (the SE welder) can fix her up proper and put a snazzy blue powder coat on her. I was pleasantly surprized to find that fixing a nice frameset is not that costly. Replacing dropouts may be a different story. I'd check out Rod's site. He has some price estimates on there, so you can get a feel for about what it would cost.


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Thanks for those tips guys.I was with you on the dropout savers from Vintage.They are a bit huge but would cover up my badly dinged(and i think trimmed)dropouts a treat.I would prefer a set of unmarked Lgear but these came with the bike and i assume they are the forks that came with the frame.

Thanks for advice on welding...i'll get looking in yellow pages. :)


The original colour was the darker blue,seen here in a pic i got from Ebay.Does anyone know a paint code for this??? Normal old fasioned spraying paint...not powder.



But i always wanted a baby blue one ,like this (in another 'borrowed pic')



Decisions decisions :nana:

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