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Fireworks And Flatland...

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Bitd I used to have a thing for fire, OK why lie, I still have a thing for fire. We used to light anything and everything we could on fire to watch all the pretty colors. Today I still enjoy burning stuff and you can usually find my house by watching the pillar of smoke eminating from my burnpile...


Well, we tried all kids of things, (did you know a m-80 would fit in the bar end???)


Last week we tried something new with a firecracker, (since m-80's are banned we found the Loudest "legal" firecrackers)


Well if you like watching stuff blow up, then download this video.


it is not for dial up 5.5 megs.




gm :fart:

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Glenn you pyro! here is my back yard on the 4th, listen to all the car alarms go off!bomb!

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