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Posting Photos Using Os-bmx As The Host

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Can you post picture posting instructions...if they are already up, can you email me the link to where I can find it. I think it's about time I start sharing some pics.




Sure posting pics is easy, check it out...


First, let me say briefly that people are welcome to keep hosting their own pics, when the shots are of a more general nature. It's just for something that is for the gallery or parts catalog or might be good for long term reference purposes anywhere else, it is nice to use the site's built in host because the free hosted pics always disappear. It never fails.


However when hosting your own pics... please, if possible, size your photos so that they don't blow out the margins of the thread. Everyone knows what I mean, right? Those huge photos that you have to side scroll to see because the entire pic won't fit on the screen... that's easy to avoid, so just do a little cropping or size reduction before posting. Generally, you should keep the shots you post equivalent to 3 x 5 photos or less. They should also be less than 150 kb in size.


OK, now on with this simple tutorial for using the in house hosting:


1) So, suppose you are starting a thread or adding a post to an already existing thread... you're on the posting screen... just scroll down below this field for text, all the way toward the bottom of the screen and you'll see the place for "File Attachments"


There is an empty field and a gray button that says "browse"


2) Click on browse and a window will open that has the directory for files and folders on your own computer.


If your photo files are on "C" drive, in the folder called "my photos" for instance, you would open that file. You have to know the place on your computer where the photos are, of course.


3) When you find the photo you want to post within that file... Click on it.


At this point the name of that photo file and the path to it on your computer should be visible in the field next to the browse button.


4) If you want to add multiple photos, hit the "Add this Attachment" button and a box will open up below showing the pic you added and the browse field will be blank, waiting for your next photo attachment. Repeat as necessary. Now, assuming you are done typing the text part of the post, you will now push the "Add Reply" button at which point your words and the photo you chose will be uploaded as a post to the thread.


Pretty easy. Try it. Let me know if you have trouble.


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Please, please... resize your photos so that they a) don't blow out the margins on the thread if you host them yourself, and b) don't put an undue burden on site infrastructure if you use OS-BMX as the host!


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