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Posting an Entire Magazine - OldSchoolMags - Johnny Ringo!

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Plan B:


Super BMX May 1983



Super BMX Jaunaury 1984



Super BMX February 1984



Super BMX August 1981



Super BMX April 1981


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An oldie, but a goody. This issue of Freestylin' (December '88) was originally made available by Eric @ 23mag.com about 5 years ago but hasn't been available for download for a couple of years. I have compiled it and added it to the site. Thanks to Eric R.




Also added:




Issue 13 (the final issue) of BMX Pancake. Thanks to Andrew G.


Available for download at http://oldschoolmags.com/

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Thanks again for the work, hosting, and making these available to the general BMX public. OSThumbsUpPeace[1].gif


Looks like you caught up, I'll scan a few more.


There's still 2-3 more of yours that I have to compile Ron, but I'm happy to receive anymore of your scans whenever you can find the time to do them.


Thanks mate,


Edited by Johnnyringo
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Maybe too new for OldSchoolMags, but I'll send you the files, johnnyringo.

Here is the link to a full PDF of Issue 1 BMX Rider Fall 1998



Scanning mags is zero fun, but somebody needs to do it. Enjoy

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