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Yes mid school, early to mid 90's. Very nice race quality set of rims. Are those the ones on the bay? I wish they were 1.75's because I am looking for a set. I think the ones on the bay are 1.5's. Anyway to answer your question. Yes nice rims.

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Old topic I know....but the RB-17's were some of the best BMX rims ever made. I raced them for years even as a full size (over size) adult and they remained straight as an arrow. Had a conversation with John Kovachi about them at a race around 2008-2009. John noticed that I was still running them and said at the time he would rather build with RB-17's than any other rim on the market. And if you knew John, you know he was well versed in wheels!

Wish they were still made...colors with shiny side would be nice! The chrome version looked nice until the chrome became pitted.

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