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The OS-BMX Interviews - Toby Henderson

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This is a link to the first in our new series of OS-BMX interviews... it is a pdf file. You can download the adobe reader for free if you don't have it on your computer already.


It's worth doing. Go to www.adobe.com and to then to the acrobat reader download section. It will detect your operating system and take you to the proper download version.

If you want to read this in an easy size... do the pdf route... here's the jpg for those who can't be bothered and don't mind the small print:





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Nice work Steve.


I didn't know Toby had his last BMX race down here.


Always thought BMX riders would be great in the MTB downhill/speed thing.


I guess now people like 401flightcranks are going to try and find those 'one-off' Hutch frames - lol


I think 3rd Gear had Toby's XL24.


Who's the next interview?

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Great stuff Steve. Personally, it's cool to hear him say he favored Hutch because that is the ONLY way I can picture Toby in my memory....he'll always be Hutch to me.


He's an extremely nice person as well. Spoke with him at Rockford and enjoyed the conversation very much.

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Personally, it's cool to hear him say he favored Hutch because that is the ONLY way I can picture Toby in my memory....he'll always be Hutch to me.


How true!!!!


Excellent interview Steve, and Toby was a great pick for the first one!! I am sure I speak for everyone by saying we look forward to all the future ones as well. Again, excellent interview!




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Glad you guys like it... there are some very cool interviews coming up - I think I will release the long awaited Jeff Utterback interview next.




But... any-whooooooo



In conjunction with this interview I will be giving away this:





A framed copy of BMX Action - September 1982, in mint condition and signed by Toby!



Toby brought this out to the OS-BMX gathering at Entradero. Many of you will recall the thread from Entradero and the shots of Toby with all the winners of other items from VSI that he donated for raffle prizes that day. I decided to hold on to this autographed magazine to give away here on the site in conjunction with this interview... so that others beside those who were able to make it to Entradero could enjoy Toby's generosity as well.


So... I will pull a name from the pool of site supporter I.D.'s on Saturday.


Thanks Toby... for donating such an awesome old school bmx collectable!

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very cool interview,this will be a great feature of this site.


Makes you wonder how come nobody thought of it before! Interviews are going to be a great feature for sure! Mad props!!! :bravo:

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Steve any chance you could get An interview with Mr. Richie Hutchins???



I'd be glad to James... it's just that I like to have an "in" so to speak. It is kind of awkward to just cold call people. I'll do it if the vibes are right though.


I have some really good interviews coming up... doing the interviews is easy and fun... doing the layout and all - it's fun but not really easy. Toby and I wrapped this one up in August I think... I was waiting on so many things to come together before I presented it, and the months just blew by. He probably thought I was bs'n and would never get it done. Getting the aesthetics right is important... but also a challenge because I sometimes have to get professional help in order to pull off my minds eye vision of what things should look like, and of course that means :CashMoney:


You know speaking of "ins"... interestingly, I'm getting some good potential connections with important freestyle people. :whistle: I need to do some research so I can ask some pertinent questions.



Anyway, here's a great modern pic of Toby & Ryder...TobyRyderHenderson.jpg



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