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The OS-BMX Interviews - Jeff Utterback

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Hey everyone... this one has been a looooong time coming. Sorry about the delays... who knew old school journalism could be so hectic! I am grateful to Jeff Utterback for taking the time to tell us about his experiences. As many of you already know, they don't come any cooler than Jeff, and this was a pleasure to conduct. I'd also like to thank Scot for his contribution, Ben Joy for his input, Randy Chamberlain and Tim Cook for contributing photos.


The jpg image files are a little too small, so there is a PDF file you can download that is attached toward the bottom of this post... much easier to read.



Stay tuned... next interview will be Greg Grubbs. Greg and I are still wrapping that one up, it's near completion. So, should have it ready before '08 :lol: And Mr. Devitt, I haven't forgotten about you by any means... these just tend to take much longer than I expected to complete!


Ok, Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome.... Jeff Utterback to your OS-BMX computer screen:






JU Interview2.jpg



JU Interview3.jpg



JU Interview4.jpg



JU Interview5.jpg



JU Interview6.jpg

JU Interview LR.pdf

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Great Interview, Steve & Jeff . thanks for taking time to do that.. WoW.



Can't someone print this up, and send to Scot ? (my printer is out of ink !!!)

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That's awesome...I think that interview was supposed to appear in the same BMXC as my OM pictorial. I wish that would have happened but this is just as cool. Jeff is one of the best guys in our sport. Thanks for taking the time to do this Jeff. We all appreciate it!



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:32: Steve... GREAT read! We need MORE interviews with guys from the "old days"...they were great to watch as kids...and INTERESTING now that they're approaching middle age! Good to be caught up on how their lives have gone since their racing days! In any case...Good Job,Steve!

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Looks great Steve!


FWIW, I originally did that on a flight to Rockford a few years ago... it's amazine after MUX, Jason, Scot, some adult beverages, and the guys I drove back to the motel (down a one way street ...THE WRONG WAY!) that it/we survived.


I'm so flattered you brought it back to life and added Ben Joy!


Steve, Veggie burritos and Hybrid rides are on me next time!

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Steve, Veggie burritos and Hybrid rides are on me next time!


I look forward to that, Jeff.



the26incher: Who is this JU-6 guy?

There are a couple things we didn't cover in the interview that I would have liked to, among these Jeff's music carreer and then of course the new species of flying squirrel he discovered in his back yard.



The cover to the fumbled final issue of BMXC... circa late spring 2005




I'm glad you guys liked the interview. It was fun to make... I'd rather do old school journalism all day than my regular job for sure.

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Great work Steve! Meeting and getting to know Jeff is one of the major highlights in my renewed love of BMX! Jeff is the real deal and I'm proud to know him. OK enough brown nosing and on to some shameless self-promotion. I noticed you used a pic that you credited as "Photo unknown posted by Sodbuster?". Yep I not only posted it I snapped that pic as well! It was at Elysian park '03 if I remember correctly. I like to call it "JU6 holding his JU6." And I feel honored you used it for the interview.

Once again Great work! :32:

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