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Thom Lund

The Wayne King Monoshock

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The Bicycle Innovations Monoshock by Wayne King

This is how the bike sit's today. I wasn't to sure what to do with it, as far as a resto or what. It doesn't look to bad from a few feet away. I have had a little chit chat with a few of you. I do agree, the proper seat is in order.

Part of my problem in this next photo of the top tube and seat...


The top tube needs to be longer for the proper style seat. Not a proplem to extend it, or fab a seat.

The yellow plastic strips on the seat mast, were teflon strips originally. A replacement in teflon or delrin should be no problem. They were epoxied to the seat mast in this next photo. Maybe look for a shock boot, and the Arnaco needs a little cleaning up.

The front minicycle tire and broken mag


Rear broken spoke and the rim has a big ol hoop-dee in it. I think these are some of the first Moto Mags

The top plate for the handle bars used to break. This one has been modified with a 1/8" steel under the Yamaha stamping. You can kinda see the welds.


The lower forks flexed bad, we even had a hard time with the fork tubes in the lower triple clamps. Check the hardend allen heads. I did run the oil and spring tubes on both sides.

The head angle on this front half seemed a little slower and the bearing cup flared out the head tube on the bottom from it. JP jumped off Catus Park at Bay st in SM with this one. He also did the head tube repair.


another angle

The bars are ok, but the grips are showing some wear. BBWWWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


So, do I just extend the top tube, rattle can some ford blue on it, fab up a seat, some teflon strips and call it good...with a good cleaning and buffing of course

or fix the frame, seat, teflon strips, sand blast the frame, paint it and make the chrome on the forks nice and the legs, powder coat the bars, look for grips. I was going to try to get a preston petty plate either way, maybe some fork boots ( the originals are chewed) and freshen up the mags and tires.

The bike was complete and original except for the cranks, pedals, sprocket and number plate as shown. It is the same bike in the Bob Osborne poster except for the front frame, seat and parts mentioned above.

I wanted to paint it orange and make another front half to re create the old front half with holes, along with a seat. THEN...

Mel S. or hunstouse ( or just STOUSE ) has been posting some old photo's he has and some of them with the mono as it sits. After talking with sodbusta and stouse's photo's (now that it's documented) I'm leaning towards leaving it in it's last version, just how far to go...

I would think a survivor type bike might be a little nicer then this? I don't know, you guys collect and restore so tell me what you think...

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Oh my god. I'm getting a little misty. It's a thing of beauty.


Far be it from any of us relatively new school crackerz to suppose we might advise Thom Fucking Lund on what to do with a bike, but... I say give it the oxalic acid treatment first and a hearty helping of TLC and see what she looks like at that point. I bet it will shave a couple decades off the appearance.


This site has a bit of a reputation now days for being reactionary and fundamentalist about this restoration stuff, which is to say that less is surely more... and frankly a little wear and tear showing through is just a crown of glory on a relic like that.


In other words:


So, do I just extend the top tube, rattle can some ford blue on it, fab up a seat, some teflon strips and call it good...with a good cleaning and buffing of course


:yes: maybe even skip the extention and rattle can... but whatever. I could see it being reasonable punishment to chop fingers off of any one who types out advice to you on matters such as this. And... I could see a shit stirrer like you deciding to paint it pink just to teach us a lesson about our fundamentalism... so at this point I'll just sit quietly and watch the moon wax. It's 29% full tonight, you know.

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Thom, to be honest, just clean it up, fix some of the messed up stuff that would be fairly easy to fix and you're set to jet, I think it looks cool the way it is. Your Motomags pretty much look just like everybody else's from back then, it ads soul to the bike. I just like it for what it is and it's cool it pretty much stood the test of time. I take it you've had this thing since late 73/early 74. Do you remember when you had to replace the front end of the bike?

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no really :ROTFLMAO:


I'm restoring a 65 pontiac gto convertable, a frame off nut and bolt deal.


So I know how people can get...I'm date code correct castings, nicer than off the line finish, with the grease marks and paint slashes. My car is fully documented from Pontaic historic services, blah blah blah


With that said (it's not my first resto), and the fact that I am a shit stirrering sob, I'm turning to the people of this board for thier input.


really... :NoBS:


you guys collect and restore, so tell me what you guys think...it won't be as bad as Mr. brothers thinks



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Where is Catus Park on Bay? I live near the old JP shop (on Bay between 10th and 11th).


As for the bike, very cool. I would say clean it up and keep it as a history item, unless you plan on some jumping, then repairs are in order.


Is that shock a Curnutt (if memory serves) shock?

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Don't change a thing! You probably have alot of scars right? And you can probably tell the story of how you got those scars.


That bike might have some broken spokes, a couple of rewelds, faded paint, etc, etc, etc. But you can probably tell the story of how every one of those things happened. If you restore it, it will be just another bike.


Give it a good cleaning and regrease it. But don't do anything other than that!


Just my .02!

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I'm with everyone else here. Clean it up a little but leave it as is. I just repaired a pair of motomags but thats just me and they weren't mine from bitd, unfortunately I sold them (mine) off many moons ago.

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:) fix what needs to fixed :) and LEAVE THE REST ALONE . I have a R/R that's coverd in grime with ranch race dirt still on it i will not clean that . i like the patina it has and it's all survivor state of condition


LEAVE IT ALONE a good cleaning and fixing that's it. other wise u destroy the history of it.


sure it's all fun to spend money on powder or chrome but that's not the way u rode it back in the day

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Where is Catus Park on Bay? I live near the old JP shop (on Bay between 10th and 11th).


go west untill you get to the beach, to the south (of were the skate shots are from the DT flick), there is drop off or small cliff, below it was cactus park. It's were the bums used to drink...just south bay st.


I say paint it day-glo pink, throw some colored tires on it, maybe some axle pegs, a rotor, and possibly some Tuffs on it!! J/K.......just a friendly poke at our freestyle colleagues!!!


I should link too the FAT interview I did a while back...yeah I have some neon and have been practicing handstands. BBBWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


It is amazing how much that set up resembles modern mountain bike suspension, or vice versa.


go look at Mel S's ramper photo's from back in the day...the MTB guys think they did it first, kiss my fucking ass :Special Salute:


OK I'm listening...

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Thom and I have talked about this subject a little through a series of emails as of late. And I've pretty much said the same things to him that are being said in the above posts. But I do feel at this time I need to add a few more points here.


Hey People we are talking about Thom Lund's Wayne King monoshock here! Thom could pull the pin and spray bomb the bike POLKADOT! He could have the whole thing chromed if he wants! It matters not because it's the freakin' Wayne King monoshock and nothing I mean nothing Thom does to it will diminish its historical significance. he is the original owner after all. The history of this bike is also the history of its owner and vice versa. That history is a storied one to be certain. To me the combination of Thom Lund and the Wayne King monoshock is old school BMX personified. So I say if Thom feels the need to completely restore his faithful steed to it's former glory then it's Thom's call to make. if he wants to clean it up and fix the seat cool! If he wants to strip it and fix the flaws in the frame and repaint it it's original color (orange I think) then that is cool too. Why? You may ask yourself. Because it will be just another chapter in the long story of these two BMX legends.


So Thom if it were my call I would clean it up good and fix the seat. But that's me. She's yours. Always has been always will be. You do what your heart tells you to do with your old friend. And if I can help in any way feel free to call on me!



thats my dos centavos. :)


Thom Lund and the Wayne King monoshock. The story continues.....



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Thanks for the input and kind words.


When I first brought the bike to perris, ca. and then eugene, or. in 2000 or so, people e mailed me and offerd to restore it to it's original condition etc... More pics have surfaced of it in it's current condition, making it much more desirable in it's as-is state, for me. Thats how it was when rode last.


My concern is still the seat, and top tube.


You can see the round stock has been added to the top tube. My dilema is to cut the top tube and extend it and replace the seat. I don't think the top tube is long enough for the seat otherwise. So, besides the seat, teflon strips and a good cleaning and call it good.




So you guys like the "battle axe" patina?


Thanks again, what about the frame and seat?

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The seat is the thing that has been got me thinking the most. And of course I have a few questions. Was that rear part of the top tube longer and got broken off? Or were you just moving the seat up and back as you got older and taller? Are you planning to replace the existing seat with one more like the one it sported in "the picture" featured in my earlier post?

If so it should not be too hard to fix up the frame under the seat. Was there any difference in length between the old triangle and the new triangle as far as the top tube seat support was concerned?



the bearing cup flared out the head tube on the bottom from it. JP jumped off Catus Park at Bay st in SM with this one.


Hey Thom that story about JP doing that jump in Cactus Park is the stuff of legend. I used to go to this website made up of folks from the old Venice, Ocean Park, Santa Monica surf scene. In the course of talk and debate over the movie Dogtown and Z-boys. Of course JP's name comes up. This one Bay st local chimes in with a story about JP betting this group of surfers that he could jump his bike. From the top of the bluff (street level.) down onto the grass in the park below. (Knowing the area my guess is its a jump of at least twenty feet out to clear the bluff and thirty feet down to the grass.) Everyone tells him he's crazy then he pulls the jump off and blows everyones minds! Just amazing! I just didn't realize he used your monoshock to do that. That just makes the story even more bitchin'

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I think the top tube was few inches longer and had no round support as shown, the seat was mounted in the back with small dia. tubing mounted 90 degress across the top of the top tube. A bolt the width of the seat was slid through it and the seat. In the front a u shaped channel slipped over the top tube and bolted through a hole in the top tube. The seat base was metal.


I seemed to be hard on the seats and if you look at the top tube pictures, it does droop down heading towrds the rear. I'm not sure if just normal riding cuased it, or the cart-wheeling of it during crashes. It is a heavy bike.


Yeah, the Cactus park shit is all true. Jp came over to kiels cycle parts, saying he needed to borrow the mono to fly of cactus park. He flew down the street, bunny hopped the sidewalk and hit it. I would say even by todays 9 inch travell MTB's still a BIG HIT, flew it down to the grassy knoll. Oh course it's legend...it's

J fucking P... :True:

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i still know and ocasioanally see wayne. funny i don't know what happened to dennis joslin haven't seen him in 35 years

you know i only know of 1 more of those bikes. it is in texas now. still riding and racing motocross. and a 2 stroke guy. strange for someone 47. they all ride those 450's

bill mcintyre

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Bily Mac, nice to here from you. The last time I seen Wayne I had tracked him down to camarillio?(805) just past T.O. and Newbury park. He was selling Real Estate and we met up at a O.S. gathering in Perris Ca in 2000, I think it was. I had just had the bike returned to me after 20 something years and it was there. Wayne seemed kinda touched and misty eyed about the whole deal, I guess some people started freaking out when he was riding the bike around. He was kinda funny about his partner dennis, do you ever see Llyod?


I'm sure you have been to the mel s thread and there has been some question as too the mono you are riding? I kinda drew a blank, but someone spoke thinking someone else had made the bike and were trying to market them.


Cook Bros, I don't really know I faded in 76, but have seen some square tube mono's with cook decals so 2+2 is starting to come BBBWWWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA


so, are you in texas is the big question?

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