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Let's see your S&M bikes

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There is some great stuff in this thread! Thanks and keep it coming!



Spur and I need some photos of S & M riders or of Chris M. himself (Like the one NBL posted above) for a project Jake's been working on. Please let us know where the pic came from so we can give proper credit and context. Any help in that regard would be appreciated. Put them here or send them to me or Jake direct in PM or email.

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Oh...I should mention stuff in that second pic... The '93 dirtbike, '01 RaceFrame built(Light Grey), '02 RaceFrame built(White), '07.5 .38 Special built(black one-only 20 lbs.), and then there's the blue Neal Wood frame and some pieces for it(I wasn't sure of the direction so I just bought multiples of parts)



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Gold Member!




Zhhhee Wedgie Jaksun is really dis Long!!! I cahn show you if you are ovah 18!!




Threaded Menstraul/Stupid Forks with 1" threadless clamp on Redneck


I also have Neal Woods Factory S&m Race uniform (Pants and Jersey)


Nbl 49a

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