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Let's see your S&M bikes

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I am pretty sure this decal style is a '93 only thing. I have seen a few DirtBikes over the years with these kind and they were all 93's. And I have only seen chrome and black for frame colors during. Mine is the only one I have seen with matching period S&M forks also.

Here's a chrome one....nicety :)



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hi mine posted above is dark chocolate brown. also what is the serial # on the black and chrome 93's posted ? i will post what mine was later, can you tell year from a s&m serial # ?


Unfortunately the serial numbers do not tell you a date of manufacture, though you can tell who made them. If it is a Dirtbike it should start off SMDxxxxx

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Ohh you like that eh?


Here's the first one shipped to Europe, infamous as it had a missing weld on one of the dropouts (friday afternoon special at Cook Bros)? This bike belonged to Glen Leyburn from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Glen was one of the original Jive Five for all you real mid schoolers.....


This next picture is me on another S&M from a UK magazine (I think I had about 4 S&M's), this was a dirt bike, late eighties/early nineties.


Lastly, super rare S&M sticker from my sticker box....


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That is awesome stuff, you got more, 'cause we'll take more. That s&m "made in the USA" Is about to become my avatar!


Yeah I got more for you, check this bad boy out!



Chris Moellers actual jersey, I got this from him I guess around 1988/89. Was never planning on selling it but I just auctioned it in the UK to raise some funds for a top rider that passed away.

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  • Admin

Great stuff, Gossa.


Anyone have some of those S & M zines? Scan 'em up if you do. I'd love to see some of that kind of stuff too.

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