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I want to have a thread devoted to Mag wheels !


You can post up a Race bike or Freestyle but please MAGS ONLY


I'm not even going to start this one I'll leave it on you guys



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Almasterb That's a SWEET 86 Master !


I guess you and I are the only ones on this site with mag wheels


they must be REALLY RARE :whistling:

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Close to every color Peregrine mag. I got screwed on a deal earlier this summer for a set of Hazzard Yellow mags where the seller never sent them (Karma will bite that little bitchs' azz - I ain't sweatin' it!). Aside from that, I still need Shocking Pink / Red and Orange Peregrines.


I'm slowly working on building up my Skyway mag collection too.


Anybody want to hook a brother up?!?

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That's better but I know there's more


any OE's or Diamond Back mags ? OGK's ? GT mags in colors ?



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Thanks Bro most of it is OG except the rims and cranks for now, I have some nice black aluminum rims with some mid school Bullseye looking hubs and black tires with red gum walls Im thinking of putting on.

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The black rim / black tire / red gum walls sounds bitchin' too, but I like the mags. It really gives it the early to mid 80's skatepark look.


I say try the rims too. You'd be hard pressed to make that frameset look ugly with anything you put on it (short of a WAY OFF BASE color wheelset!). Put whatever makes YOU happy on there brother - It's your ride and you will make it look fly no matter what airing outta da park!



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