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tribute to scott snook the (bomber legend)

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ok scott snook the guy that made bomber passed away on dec 12th of 07. i never got the chance to meet the guy but i collect his materpiece's im gonna post my collection up for everyone to see and show him some respect cause he made some of the best numbers, plates, and pads in the world. everyone feel free to post you bomber stuff up to.




















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Cool. Those are nice plates.


I don't know anything about him, but I'm guessing based on his style that he must have been pretty young? RIP.




There's a thread on Vintage about him. He was 57, his son Zac started racing in the early/mid 80s. He ran tracks(Eugene/Springfield,Or), teams(Oregon Elf, R&C Racing), shops(R&C Racing shop and race trailer), did rider support for me(Prime numberplates) announced for ABA at the nationals, and finally Bomber which was inspired by a freestyle kid who hung around his shop named Brian Garcia. Brian seems to have done OK for himself, google "TAZROC". Scott pissed off a lot of people at times but it was all for a pure love of BMX. Someone wrote on the other thread that he ate, breathed, and shit BMX. That's probably the most true thing I saw that anyone said. He left behind his oldest son whose name I can't remember right now but he's got to be late 30s/early 40s, Zac who's probably about 32/33, a 12 year old daughter, his wife of 30 plus years Candy and a lot of people whose lives he touched.

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very nice to see someone showing appreciation for scott's work. i was the one who started the thread over on vintage. we spent so much time in the shop i might have been present when any number of those pads/plates were painted or when he was working on the template for them. nothing like hanging at the bike shop and bsing eh?


funny to find this today because i was having a very nice conversation with someone a couple hours ago about scott's last days and hours (thank you!). at 57 he was way too young to go for sure. he had a son and daughter from his first marriage and a son and daughter with candy. and yeah his youngest daughter will be 13 soon and way to young to lose a father who she resembles so strongly. he just recently became a great grandfather too.


the eugene track was racing on the day of scott's services and ran a memorial flag lap and a one lap race for a few former team members. it was kind of sad when the announcer was talking about what was going on that most of the people there didn't even know who scott was and they had no idea how much he did for bmx in oregon.


it is strange how people don't seem to stick around anymore. when we started in 89 there were tons of people who had been around for 5 years. then when we had been there for 5 years there were still a few who were there before us. by the time we got to 10 years there was really no one who had continuously been racing since before we started. at 15 years... fugedaboudit


sorry. i got off track there but i just thought it was a real shame. anyway i don't know if it is cool to post a link to that thread here so go ahead and delete if it is not but there are some nice comments and remembrances and on the last page there are pics of the memorial ride including darrell young and current a-pro adam treadwell. it was great to see scott's colors on the track again. r&c forever... beyond hardcore... rip scott



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Darren sent me some pics of some of his Bomber stuff to add, check it.



Bomber Jersey, sick ain't it? Darren was quick to point out that he had to buy it, he wasn't on any "flow" list. :)





(ALL photo's courtesy of Darren Chan)

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nice. it is so great seeing all the designs again. he would come up with something new and ask folks hanging at the shop if we thought it was going to fly or not. he was always surprised by what would sell and what wouldn't. you just never know. did you see the bomber shirt i posted on that thread? :) i was digging through my son's stuff the other day and found one of the lumberjack plates scott did for gary ellis that we got autographed.

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I took my rider down and snapped a few pics of the Bomber stuff I have on it, damn it needs wiped down.


Plate on the Ironhorse


Pads are actually gold and red, some reason the redeyes adjust on the camera wouldn't let it be red



Another plate I have lying around


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Please keep adding to this thread. I love this stuff and would like to see this be a more comprehensive catalog of the Bomber gear.

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What is the time span that bomber stuff was available? 89ish to ....? I'd like to know the approximate dates of the stuff we see in this thread.

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wow. i hadn't seen these latest additions. very cool.


bomber was not around in 89. it was not until a couple years later that scott started bomber. i will check and narrow that down for you. i was wanting to give his wife a buzz anyway.


thanks for posting all of those up.

really good memories.

i miss you scott...

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I was trying to remember where I did the Illustrator files on the can and Bomber text(from Brians drawing) but I can't remember which building I was in. It was sometime after August 1990 and probably no later than early 92 maybe. Tell Candy I said hi and I'm thinking about them.

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