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tribute to scott snook the (bomber legend)

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hey spur i do have two sets of them and i only like to keep one set of each so i dont have to many so if you want one yell at me.


yea im like a kid in a candy store everytime i see one i dont have. but sometimes i wonder will it ever end lol. i mean they were hand painted and everyone is a little diff. but some are so close so if there to close and i have two i let one go. but i bet there were about 1500 diff kinds made

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Yep... Brian "TAZROC" Garcia did paint allot of bomber stuff...


i grew up with him in Oregon. he lived in Eugene and i lived in junction city, 12miles away.


we were all on a flatland freestyle team back in 85 - 87 when we were still in school. we did some shows at fairs and road bike races and other local events...


one other guy on the team you all might know is Jesse Puente. Me and him both moved away at 15 - 16 years old. he went to Los Angeles and became to this day an amazing flatlander... http://www.jessepuente.com/


Brian Garcia moved to Los Angeles some time after to continue his art career. http://tazroc.com/tazhm.htm


when i would go back home to visit i would stop by and seee brian spraying bomber stuff at the warehouse. i had another buddy who rode with that worked there as well "toby"


i would race occasionally at nationals and in vender row bomber and brian would be there selling. brian would spray plates and pads right there.


bomber was super cool... brian is way talented and a great friend... jesse is amazing and put on a great show at the venice jam two weeks ago...


love those guys, my flatland boys from way back..


great thread

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candy didn't really have any idea of when it started. scott didn't start bomber until after he moved the r&c over to conger which i guessed was by 92ish. she thought that was about right. she said it was finished about the time we lost richard long to a motorcycle accident in july of 96.

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