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The SE Mid-school Thread

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This is so making me miss my Reynolds Quadangle!! I have always loved Se stuff and then getting to know Scott Breithaupt -hopefully I spelled that right- makes it that much more meaningfull. My Quad was my first ground up build and will always have a very special place in my heart!


Nbl 49a

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I'd love to show you guys my Floval w/ Bomber triple clamps but can't seem to upload. My file looks to be too large. Planning on getting a subscription but I'm off for the whole month(joys of living and working in a ski town) so money is a bit tight at the moment. Anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks guys.....Mike

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I've never heard of an 85 with that finish... but it does look pretty close to the finish on Sean's 97 alloy quad 24" proto




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This is my 1996-ish Floval. I built this up when I wanted a bike to ride back in the late '90s. I didn't like mountain bikes and I didn't want a 20-inch. I almost got a boring black and chrome stock GT 24, but I ordered this frame and fork from SE direct and built it up with parts I found at various bike shops. This was before I got into collecting--I didn't know people did that!


The mix of years on the parts is because I was trying to build an '80s style bike with some color in it! All parts are NOS like the 7C hoops I got from a closing Schwinn store off the 55 freeway and the Suzue hubs I found at a bike shop right by my condo in Corona. DK stem, Tioga Comp III tires, GT cruiser bars (swapped for the tall GT Pro bars) DK seat came form Dan's Comp. I found the single pinch Redline flight cranks at a BS in Riverside near the old Sears.




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Thank you Spur. I didn't think it was anodized either but the purple is throwing me off though. Upon me looking in the headtube and bottom bracket it is paint. I'm looking for 2 sets of 85-97 pk ripper decals if anybody has or knows where I can get them would be greatly appreciated.

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