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The Big Wheel Chronicles...

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Thanks to Mel Stoutsenberger, Thom Lund, John Wells, Rick Gayton and Rick Twomey. Oh yes, and also thanks to Pat and Tom Hand for the great old shots of Big wheel action in the 70's in Colorado & Kansas City.








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I Freakin Dig this site !!!!! Brings me back to the days of freedom from the slavery. I still ride but have the pleasure of supporting a wicked cool family w/wife and 9 year old son who is a freakin crazy liitle dude on a BMX can't wait to see him bustin' airs in a couple of years. Thanks Guav for the heads up. Keep in touch Homie Craig "grassroots Grasso........... to anyone who cares here's my email address papawheel.@gmail.com

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Love that last pick of the Redline, I had been told that that was the Elusive 26" Squareback.

Not sure if it's true, sure looks like it could be.


Here is some interesting history on JMC/Prodyne in an excerpt from an recent email from

Jim Melton.


My good friend Larry Barker that made the Prodynes had a welding shop next to my bike shop. When I decided to make the JMCs he designed the welding jigs and was my first welder. He was the best welder in the world. Larry and Harry Leary designed the Prodyne. You can see why it had a lot of JMC in it. To me it was a peice of art. Much better then the JMC. I don't think Larry ever made a Prodyne fork. He made handlebars. We did make one 26" JMC prototype fork and had our 26" prototype frame almost finished when we closed the doors. I sold the fork and some other frames to a guy in Washington. I noticed the fork sold on ebay a couple years ago for 800.00. I think Jeff Haney got it. The reason I like the idea of using the JMC/BMX on the chain stays is that was our first frame decal and Larry was our first welder. The blue on clear was our first JMC Racing frame decal. ........ .............. Larry hang hiself in his welding shop about five years ago. I had just went out and visted him the year before. It was sure a shock
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That 24/20 is rad!


Back when I used to ride after school at one of the local hangouts in Thousand Oaks in the 70's, there was the Wednesday night races, and the Friday night races. On Fridays is when some fast guys from Newbury Park would show up. Many of them were riding the 20/24 Typhons. I'm thinking we called them "Big Wheels".

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