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Alvin Mullins

OS-BMX 40 and over freestyle club

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That was a lot of FUN today!!!


I was talking to Alvin, and telling him how I remember him posting pix when he came "back from da dead" a few months ago, and if you compare da pix from a few months back, to todays session..... :wow: WOW :wow: What a night 'n day difference!!! I mean Alvin, was straight KILLING IT!!! Flat tables, and Big air was what Alvin was throw'n down!


Hey Koho, I'm not fully grown to 40 yet, but da BROS were cool enough to let me hang wit them!!!OSThumbsUpPeace[1].gif


S.Bros- dat b my "Challenger"


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Man this was alot of fun! We've had so much rain, there just hasnt been much time to ride, everyone was riding really good today, the time went by fast, we were there 2 1/2 hours and it seemed like 30 minutes.


G is so cool, he can do anything to a bike, he's cool to us old guys and he shreds the park!


Koho you and everyone else around here are always welcome to ride with us old guys, even if you're not in your 40's :lol:

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OMG it's Eddie Fiola (school girl voice talking about Brittney Spears). First post and already bustin photo's.


I got work to do if I am gonna hang with that. Will not pick a favorite cuz I like them all. G straight out running mud bog knobbies! Killer guys all of ya.

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