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Alvin Mullins

OS-BMX 40 and over freestyle club

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I love this all white bike Ed had but something about the yellow bike with black tuffs,white neck,bars and tires.That will be my next bike to build i already have some of the parts but i only have an 89 frame and fork.need to get rid of and get a single bend 84-86 to paint gt yellow :nana: GTFiola03white.jpg

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big ups, Buckle!



Thank you! It was one of those times, you see the line in your head and don't bother thinkinging anymore!


Saturday morning was the first trip to Long Beach for me and I look forward to riding there again.


My thank to Alvin for the heads up where to play.




Buckle :ThumbsUp:

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Man we had a blast last night at Vans, where the hell was everyone? Fiola was killing it on the vert ramp and the freestyle area table topping over the jumps, and looking as smooth as ever!!


He also took my quad for a spin on the vert ramp and looked great! gave me a few good tips, like ad some air to my low tires, I rode his bike with 90 pounds of pressure and it felt a lot easier to pump the halfpipe, everyone in the park young and old recongnized him, he helped one kid out who was having trouble pulling off a 540, Eddie's the coolest!

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