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Alvin Mullins

OS-BMX 40 and over freestyle club

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Those are some great shots, Tony Murray is up there in age to and he is ripping. I need to get back out there. As soon as this L.A. Maraton is over i will start riding again. I just dont want to get injured before the big run. See ya soon Alvin, I spoke to Murray yesterday and he's in.



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Hey Jimbo thanks Bro, I'm just an old fart , like Brett said just having fun,


Xavier we miss you at the skateparks hurry back, I'll see you Friday


Brett we're going to hit a couple of these parks when you get here in June, get ready

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ALvin ' thats way sweet and you ride like a pro...... it was fun riding at fullerton sk8 on sat . it brings back memories and hope to get back out to do more of it. etnies looks like a sweet park , i hope to make there soon . thanks for the pics.

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We rode Vans last night Steve Blackey, Buckle, Tinhead, Craig,Danny and myself, We're not suppost to ride the bowl, so keep this on the down low, I got to hit the bowl a couple times, it was very cool!



Ben Snowden

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