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Alvin Mullins

OS-BMX 40 and over freestyle club

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I thought I would post something here. its been a while. The new season is drawing closer!!

A new bowl was opened in my little town . This is me in october  2013@45 years young

oct 2013 bmx.jpg

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A few older dudes at the Area 43 ramps. Spent a couple of days here back in late 2013 and saw some great riding.



Here's a couple of photos I took from the day with mostly 40+ riders. May have posted them before, can't remember.






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I forgot all about this thread James. Nice pics.
I have a few to add too.

Last year I was invited to a reunion in memory of a fallen rider. That rider was Pat Peircy. A fantastic rider that passed away not long ago. I never knew pat because I stopped riding 2 or 3 years before these guys started riding at Five Dock.
I had not been back to FiveDock since 1984 so it was a very emotional trip for me,
These guys were still riding like they stopped last week. Micheal is the guy on the white Quad (Pats old bike) and hadn;t ridden in this new section at all before this day.
The mag cover was made by Steven Cassap (Factory Haro bitd) and Micheal was Factory Diamond Back.
All up it was a great weekend. I'll post more pics later on. It's late and I'm tired. I'm sitting on the wall in the black Haro jersey :)








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