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Alvin Mullins

OS-BMX 40 and over freestyle club

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Well, I guess we have 2 new 40 and over riders. Lets give Brian and Robert a warm 40 something welcome.......



p.s Voelker is celebrating his 41 this weekend in Glamis if anyone is interested.


I will be trying to complete 26 miles in the LA Marathon this Sunday, wish me luck. Its just one more thing for me to do so I dont realize im getting old......




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Good luck on your run X-man :OSThumbsUpPeace[1]:


Alvin you can't kill me while I'm there bro, I gotta get home in one piece with all my limbs still working. :lol: I was going to ship out the VDC Gorila when I came for the show but I guess I need to bring the Quad instead so I don't break the Gorila in the park. :Cool_LikeThat:

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Even though there was a heavy mist comin' down we still had a good OS session today at Fullerton Skate Park.


Here's a few shots, you can check out more pics at my photobucket "steveblackey"


Thanks to all who came out, hope to see you all at Vans on Tuesday night








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Great day at the Park, Pictures are Woody, Fiola, Buckle, G and Myself all pictures always by Stave Blackey thanks Bro, John Pohva, Craig, Ben Snowden, Scott and a few others showed up and road in the Rain, next Saturday everyone is coming back, Tuesday night we are going to Van's Steve is shooting this month for the magazine

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Alvin, I have said it many times you guys look like you are always having fun! Great pics! Stuff like this keeps us winter wonderland peeps going. Many skills amongst your group.


Doesn't Fiola have a real job? Where is his helmet?

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Eddie was doing some riding for Redline a few years ago when Jeff and I interviewed him. Not sure if he still is today though?

He isnt listed as a rider for the Redline team that Fuzzy manages. Thats all new school kids. I'm pretty sure that he could get flow from any company he wanted to, though. lol


BTW, that bike he's riding looks pretty freakin heavy

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Fullerton Skate Park Session 3-8-08


It was really crowded today but everyone survived..

Thanks for coming up from SD HinkDog, you are an official member of the club now..



Alvin on his bad ass 16" Quad pit bike



David Ruz off the DL



Eric Kocen tuckin' da nutz'



Ron McCoy dive bombin'



Steve Blackey scared shitless..


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You guys live the life on the left coast.

Hey steve blackey, are those "PK BARS" on your looptail?

I hope so, Im STILL waiting (the bikes been paid for since dec) for my 08 ripper and those bars look nice and big.



Yes, they are 07 PK bars, the frame is the 07 30th ann. looptail PK I won with in a raffle here on this site.

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